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ASBML{tm} Recomended Books and Videos
Saddlebred and Related Books to Read,
.....and Equine Videos to Watch
.as collected by the ASBML


The Saddlebred America's Horse of Distinction

A Week down in Devon - A History of the Devon Horse Show by Christopher S. Hyde.
Chapters include: 1) The Devon Horse Show: 1896 - 1975......2) Devon's Junior Weekend.......3) The Carriage Marathon......4) The Saddlebreds .........5) Hackneys, Hackney Ponies & Harness Ponies........6) The Hunter Classes; ........7) Open Jumpers;.......8) Main Line Midway: The Devon Country Fair.......10) Devon Trophies......11) A Week Down in Devon......This book is illustrated throughout with both horse and riders. Included are: A pre-World War I hackney class winner, 1910 era pony class judging, Thomas W. Clark on his hunter, hunter "Billy King", Valley Forge Military Academy mounted drill team, Robin Rost - Devon's best child rider in 1975, "Feature Farm's Apollo" - a competing Palomino, "Southern Lullaby" in harness class, "Imp. Bonnie Lyn Brocklyn" & "Imp. Centenial Superlative" - Hackney team, "Wild Mustard" - single pony roadster trophy winner, Rodney Jenkins on "San Felipe", "Graffiti" in the Corinthian class, Victor Sifton on "Brian Boru" in 1935, Rodney Jenkins on "Idle Dice" in 1971, the Henry Hulick family winning the family class in 1971, "Iron Man" - three time winner of the Corinthian Cup, "Take A Bow" - large pony hunter champion, "Wing commander", "Sensation Rex" - 1938 photo of this leading Saddlebred sire, a 1953 photo of Hopalong Cassidy & a young competitor, Suzanne Meyle on "Hail n' Hardy", Cindy Brink on "Hi Brass", Mrs. J. Austin Du Pont driving her team of 4 matched Welsh ponies, Elizabeth Lewis in dressage class, Victorian wagons hitched to Hackneys, Walter Graham on Saddlebred in 1941, "Treasured Possession" & "Venus in Grey" - Saddle horses, Juan Riekenhoff's "Casanova", "Quick Decision" in hunter class, "Inaudible" in jumping event, Sandra Caldwell and "Lemon Springs", George Morris on hunter, Michele McEvoy on "Sundancer", Carol Thompson on "Tara Hill", "Fort Knox" going over jump, Melanie smith on "Crimson Tide" in 1975, Robert Thomas on "Battle Flags", Mrs. J. Austin Du Pont on "Gray Ace", Mrs Edgar Scott winning the ladies' sidesaddle class in 1953, 1916 phot of Frank Palmer driving three Hackneys, Miss Joan Fletcher on "Little Colonel" in 1942, and many, many more.

'The Year Book of Show Horses' Volume 2
- July 1936; Blackwell Publ. Co.; 194 pages. Dark red hardback book measuring 11 x 8 1/2 - has inset photograph of hackney pony on front cover.
This was to be a quarterly publication, but was only published in April & July of 1936. This is Volume 2 and includes sections on Winners of Horse Shows and there is the continuation the series article "Background of the Modern Show Horses" with: Chapter III 'The Hackneys by M.F. Bayliss' and Chapter IV 'The American Saddle Horse by Nola E. Minton'.

The Sports Illustrated Book of Gaited Riding
J.B. Lippincott Company Philadelphia and New York 1962 Synopsis: Alice Higgins, who collaborated with Gordon Wright to prepare the popular Sports Illustrated Book of Horseback Riding, has now, with Helen K. Crabtree, written an equally good companion volume. It will take the rider who has mastered the fundamentals into more advanced horsemanship. Beautifully illustrated by Frank Mullins, the Book of Gaited Riding deals with the art of riding and caring for the five-gaited American Saddlebred show horse. Instruction in riding each of the five gaits is presented expertly in clear, easy-to-understand drawings and text that young riders can readily follow.

The American Saddle Horse by Earl Farshler

Calvalcade of Horses
Written by a Saddlebred man, this is a comprehensive study of the history of the horse in American. It is an original volume and a must for anyone studying horses.

Famous American Saddlebred Stallions, Vol. 5
Lists ASB stallions and their complete get, all in one book. You can research the bloodlines of such horses as Yorktown, Supreme Sultan, Mr. Magic Man, Center Ring, Buck and Wing, Supreme Spirit, Indiana Peavine, Longview's Supreme, Callaway's Johnny Gillen, Gallant Guy O'Goshen, New Yorker, Secret Selection, High Rise Spirit, Sultan's Contract, Stonewall's Magnificent Genius and many more. See what mares were bred to them and the bloodlines of those mares. Even the colors are noted. You will see a black and white picture of each great sire and a brief description of him as well as his pedigree. About 175 pages, including a listing of World's Champions thru 1986

Stallion Hall of Fame Vols. I & II by Linda Marcos Owens published by Gypsi Enterprises in 1986

The Horse and the Blue Grass Country by Bradley Smith.
Some of the chapters are MARES AND FOALS,RACING IN THE BLUE GRASS,THE STALLIONS, SHOW AND HARNESS HORSES, THE GREAT HOUSES, AND TRADITIONS AND LEGENDS. This rare book is filled with photos and great history, has a story on Dodge/Castleton farm -one of the great houses in Kentucky. Also has two awsome rare photos of the great WING COMMANDER in color and under harness with Earl Teater.

The Horse World of the Bluegrass by Mary Wharton and Edward Bowen, tells about the first horse show in Kentucky in (1816?)

Folks I Knowed and Horses They Rode by Lance Phillips, published in 1975. It covers George Gwinn, Earl Teater/Dodge Stables and a number of other horses, breeders, riders and owners, with some great photos.

Saddle Seat Equitation {all editions} by Helen Crabtree.

Helen Crabtree's Gaited Riding
Helen also has a book out called Hold Your Horses, which great to read the stories about the 'old time trainers'.

Blue Grass Champion by Lyons -about a pinto Saddlebred

Training and Gaiting compiled by Suzanne who wrote "Famous Saddle Horses"

Famous Horses & Distinguished Horsemen. Affectionately called by some as "The Missouri Book", because it is a grand history of the Saddlebred in MO, including early horse shows.

Judging Saddle Horses and Roadsters by Joseph A. Barly, 1945. Contents include chapters on judging the different divisions, including stallion breeding classes, roadsters, and equitation. There is also a chapter on the origin and development of the Saddlebred and Standardbred breeds. Approximately half the text deals with historical aspects of the different lines: the Denmarks, Rex McDonald, Rex Monroe, McDonald Chief, Independence Chief, King William, Diamond Denmark, the Chief Family, Harrison Chief, Bourbon Chief, Bourbon King, Montgomery Chief, Hambletonian, Alexander's Abdallah, George Wilkes, Axworthy, Electioneer, Dictator-Director, Strathmore, Harold, and more. Just a fantastic reference source for fans of American Saddlebreds, Standardbreds, and harness racing!
Monika says- "I thought I knew all the historical SB books, but this was a nice surprise. I'm not that interested in the judging stuff, but there is a LOT of pedigree and show record info."

At The Horse Show by Margaret Cabell Self. Photos from the Santa Barbara National and Children's Service Horse show at Farmington, Connecticut.
Ruth says, "There is a nice section on ASB's with photos of a stallion named Royal Command, gaited geldings Wild Wind and King of the Road, and a cute little w/t mare named Dainty Majestic. There is a palomino mare Belvilier's Golden Belle, another gaited horse Destiny's Genius ridden by Barbara Slaymaker(real pretty grey....), w/t horses Extra Assignment, Daring Duke and America's Carol. They also show a Bridlepath Hack class (looks like Country Pleasure division) with Sport Flash and Tom Cat. There are two nice parade horses and 3 fine harness, but none are identified and I don't remember them.....also a slew of harness ponies. Randi Stewart is shown winning the AHSA SS medal, so I am guessing this is mid-60's. It is fun to see these and see how some things change and some things stay the same!"

The Horse America Made by Louis Taylor; published by the American Saddle Horse Breeders Association.

Portiature's of Horses by George Ford Morris. Noted artist, this book has some Saddlebred prints.

The History of Bourbon King 1788 by William Jefferson Harris, published by Cleveland, Judson, c1934. Sally notes "They are scarce as hens teeth. I found another that I was going to put on e bay but the owner decided not to sell. I would imagine that if you can find a copy we are talking in excess of $150.00. It is a wonderful book with great photos. A small leather bound book but full of the stories about Bourbon King and his get. Some neat photos of some of the old broodmares."

"Pride the Saddle Horse" which is a 1946 pictorial children's book. Dana found this and shared this info with the List; "It was put out by Encyclopedia Britannica. LOTS of photos of Winganeek Farm as the story takes place there. It features a foal named"Pride" and how she grows up. It shows "trainer" "granddaughter" "Grandfather" etc. Says Grandfather owns the farm. Very interesting book. I had just never seen this book before so was curious about Winganeek. Wonder who "Pride" really was? The book states she is a filly."

And there is an unnamed book that Harry mentions, a small spiral-bound book written by John Rainey that is usually found in the Saddlebred museum and is a well-written history of North Middletown, Ky. and the horses from that area, including Bourbon King.

Not restricted to Saddlebreds, "Blood and Money" by Thomas Thompson and "Perscription Money" by Ann Kuth are about Joan Robinson Hill, owner of Beloved Belinda. Harry tells us, "It is a fascinating story based on the true story of the murder of Joan Robinson Hill and her passion and love for owning/showing Saddlebreds." There is a movie was called "Murder in Texas" and is based on Ann Kurth's book.

Magner's Standard Horse and Stock Book c. 1903

Genetics of Livestock Improvement by John Lasley -for a good basic book on genetics.

And this long but *highly informative* list compiled by Jane..

"The first thing I would suggest is to contact Saddle and Bridle [314-725-9115] and tell them what you are interested in-and ask to talk to Bill (I think he is semi-retired). Find out in which back issues did the magazine stress these points. He is an encyclopedia of SB facts. So is Lynn Weatherman at ASHA (606/259-2742). They may have fewer back issues due to a flood in the recent past.

The first two books I'm suggesting may puzzle you...they give the background of the horse types shipped to America that formed the "Good Horses" that the SB was developed from. These were the fine horses, trotters and pacers, owned by royalty and the landed gentry. Etchings from the sixteenth century display royal horses, their long necks placing their heads very high, the plane of the face perpendicular to the ground, and the forelegs breaking level.


1) The History of Horse Racing, by Roger Longrigg (foreword by Paul Mellon) Stein and Day, Publishers, New York, NY,(1972) Library of Congress #76-190373 or ISBN 0-8128-1488-6. The artwork and portraits in this book Really show the roots of our horses' ancestry.

2) The High Steppers, by Tom Ryder. Published in Great Britian in 1979 by J.A. Allen & Company Limited, One Lower Grosvenor Place, Buckingham Palace Road, London in 1961. Also published in the U.S. by Sporting Book Center, Inc., Canaan, N.Y. 12029 in 1979. This book focuses on the origin of both ridden and driven high-stepping horses that contributed in the 1700's to what we now call Hackneys, Standardbreds, and SB's.

3) Add into your reading the a portions of the book Int ernational Encyclopedia of Horse Breeds by the renown equine vet Bonnie L. Hendricks dealing with the Morgan, Friesian, Thoroughbred, and American Saddlebred will have a real, in depth, authoritative understanding of the breeding process that produced the American Saddlebred. 4) *The American Saddle Horse, by Earl L. Farshler. Printed and Distributed by The Standard Printing Company, Louisville, KY., (5th printing)1933. Traces the Evolution, Origin, Derivation and Development of the Saddle-Bred Horse, with a Treatise on breeding principles and A Section Devoted to the Training of Gaited Animals. This is one I wish The ASHA could get permission to reprint. On a foldout after P.172, it shows the interelationship of the Darley Arabian, Justin Morgan, Godolphin Barb, Tom Hal, Imp. Hedgeford, Betsey Harrison, and Cockspur...leading to the breeding of Kalarama Rex, Hazel Dawn, and King's Genius! It has a great section on starting colts, training to harness, gaiting, etc. It may not all be gospel...but it is wonderful!

5) *Riding and Training, by Earl L. Farshler. D. Van Nostrand Co., Inc. Princeton, N.J., 1959. [Library of Congress #59-14616.]. Covers elementary and higher education of the young horse, including use as a dressage horse, or trail, stock, polo, jumper, or Hunter hack, mounted exercises, drills, and games. Stable management, breeding principles, care and management of breeding stock, vices and remedies, selecting and buying a horse, and Methods of Training for Action. Has wonderful photo sequences of the gaited horses' rack and canter, done correctly.

6) *Training and Gaiting, Vol. One, By Susanne, [Emily Ellen Scharf, Lexington, KY.]. The Hobson Book Press, Cynthiana, Ky., 1943. Volume I. Includes "Training" by H.S. Burnham, Making the 5 gaited Horse, Training the Saddler in the Slow Gaits, [and 35 other fine topics] This is stupendous.

7) *Training and Gaiting, Vol. Two, By Susanne, [Emily Ellen Scharf], Lexington, KY, 1946. Training and Gaiting (77pp.), High School Training, New Born Colts, When the Dam Has No Milk, Building the Stable (30pp) 205pp total. Another dose of Stupendous.

8) Who's Who in Horsedom, J.H. Ransom, The Ransom Publishing Co., Lexington, KY., vol. Six, 1954 (There are at least 6 volumes of these) Many SB's but also other breeds, Hackneys, stdbrds, some TB's, Walkers and Hunters. Society clientel./Photos on most pages...Love the ones of King of Rosalee, Regal Aire, and Miss America.

9) *Famous Saddle Horses-Stories About the Most Important Horses in the Early Days of the American Saddle Horse. Compiled by Susanne (Emily Ellen Scharf) 1936. Originally Vol.One printed by the Farmer's Home Journal Company in 1932 and Second Volume printed by The Standard Printing Co., Louisville, KY in 1942. A reference Book for Breeders...has over 500 pp. in each volume, 200 pictures of famous SB's, and pedigrees of even more.

10). *Famous Saddle Horses, compiled by Susanne (Emily Ellen Scharf) Reprinted by the American Saddle Horse Museum, Louisville, KY-Vols1,2,3...reproduction of the volumes from 1936 and 1942. Reproduction in1981 (but in three volumes) by Graessle-Mercer CO., 100 N. Pine St., Seymore IN 47274.

11) Tom Bass, Black Horseman, Bill Downey. (1975) Published by Saddle and Bridle, Inc., 2333 Brentwood Blvd., St. Louis, MO. 63144

12) Show Your Horse by Bob Robinson. Subtitled: Practical Training Advice from a Professional Horseman. (1978) published by Saddle and Bridle, Inc., 2333 Brentwood Blvd., St. Louis, MO. 63144.

13) The Saddle Horse. (1975) Lance Phillips. Arco Publishing Company, New York, New York. 200pp. Over 100 clear photos of famous SB's, Show horses, canter leads, 3 and 5-gaiteds, fine harness, equitation, and teaching tricks.

14) At The Horse Show. (1974) Margaret Cabell Self. Wilshire Book Company, North Hollywood, CA, 91605. Sections on 3 & 5 gaited and fine harness, as well as other breeds.

15) Heavenly Gaits-The Complete Guide to Gaited Riding Horses. (1995&1998) Brenda Imus. Crossover Publications, New York, N.Y. The title says it all. SB's pp.29-66.

16) Also very desireable are the old maroon copies of "The American Saddlebred Registry", published by the American Saddlehorse Breeders Association-the old name of the ASHA. Lists horses in the order they were registered

17) Dr. Alan Raun (DVM) also did a pamphlet and a video on training and showing SB Futurity colts.

Also of interest to American Saddlebred enthusiasts are:

The Points of the Horse by Captain M H Hayes Printed 1903 (3rd Edition)

The Exterior of the Horse by Goubaux & Barrier Printed 1892

Het Paarden Vols 1 & 2 by E L Quadekker - Seems printed in the late 1890's

Light Horses, Breeds and Management by WCA Blew, W S Dixon, G Fleming, V Shaw. Printed 1907

Famous Harness Horses, Vol 1, 1926 and Vol 2, 1932 by Geoffrey D.S. Bennett.

Hackney Horses and Ponies, 1948 by S.L. Righyni.

Training and Conditioning the Weanling and Yearling - American Saddlebred Horse for In-Hand Showing by James W. Aikman. This small booklet of 24 pages was published in 1984 by the American Saddlebred Horse Association of Louisville, Kentucky. Chapters are 1) Why do We Show Colts 2) Breeding and Selecting Show Colts 3) Training Conditioning and Showing the Weanling 4) Training Conditioning and Showing the Yearling 5) You Can Do it Too. Illustrated with B&W photographs.

Timber Trail Riders THE LUCK OF BLACK DIAMOND. A Sunny Saunders Story. By Michael Murray and illus by Olindo Giacomini and Arnie Kohn. Whitman Publishing 1963. A mystery story involving teens and a black Saddlebred horse.

Equitation, a hardback book by Virginia Draper Robinson, 1945 edition by The Hobson Book Press. 156 pages, covers numerous topics, hunters and saddleseat, do's and don'ts, etc.

Riding Shotgun by Rita Mae Brown. Hunting based but a great book. This author has owned Saddlebreds at Kalarama Farm.


A Horse of History and Showtime For Saddlebreds
Description as per the website, "The history of the beautiful American Saddlebred horse, as well as snappy showmanship training. Two films are combined here that include the birth of a foal as well as great footage of the Kentucky State Fair and some of the past greats. 45 minutes." Usually retails for about $19.95

Saddleseat Equitation
Helen Crabtree has long been acknowledged as one of the outstanding instructors of saddleseat equitation in this country. In this video she discusses the importance of the correct use of equipment and attire, as well as the correct form of riding. Equitation patterns as covered and the finer points of seat and hands. 65 minutes. Usually retails for around $39.95

"The Horse With the Flying Tail" -Walt Disney movie. It is possible that "Nautilus", a very famous Olympic level jumper, was a golden Saddlebred.