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Operation Torch 11/15/42

Our breakout from the beaches of Algiers has advanced almost 100 miles to the first German forces in the area. We are about 20 miles outside of one of the last German strongholds in Africa. Last night our squad was selected for a patrol and we figured that it would be pretty uneventful considering we had no idea that there was a Nazi division about 3 or 4 miles to our west. We came under machine gun fire and took cover behind anything solid and waited for them to reload. This is when the other squad lost its first man. The fire had stopped so he stuck his head up looking for something to shoot at and took 2 bullets in the neck. We didn't dare call for a medic fearing German artillery would hit our position. They fired some more and I heard the clink at the end of the magazine. I yelled "Squad open fire!" Now it was the Germans turn to take cover as a volley of fire from our Thompson's and M1's. We heard a few yell "ARZT" which according to PJ means medic. We took cover once again as the gunners opened fire. I figured this could continue for a while so I ordered Jeff to take his fire team to our left and flank the guns. 5 minutes later the remnants of my squad heard more gun fire and the enemy machine gun was silenced. Afterwards I found out that Ethan had made two precision shots killing the gunner and the loader and Jeff and Dimitry finished the rest. In the process of the assault on the gun another man from the second squad was hit. He was hit in the chest and died shortly after. As we returned to battalion CP (control point) Ethan and Dimitry were awarded the rank of Private First Class and Jeff received the rank of Sergeant First Class. Our advance has stalled but not for long and British Units are closing in from the East so we're going to have the Germans caught in the crossfire.