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Ethan, Dimitry, and The Bad News 12/19/41

Hey, sorry I haven't written in a few days I went through a whole bunch of shit these past few days. It started when this private and his buddy were walking by and mentioned something about new recruits being pussies. Me being the Irishman and recruit that I am was pretty pissed off. Jeff (all 6'3 210 pounds of him) and I walked up to the private and told him to shut the fuck up. He told me shut my mouth before he broke my jaw, I didn't and he attempted to punch me in the face. I grabbed his swinging hand and put him in a hammerlock so fast it made his head spin. He broke out of the hammerlock and we squared off. This time i threw the first punch and I connected with his cheekbone sending him to the ground. He got up and went for another but the drill seargants seperated us and made me and Jeff clean the head. My temper's bad but I'll learn to control it hopefully. After cleaning Jeff and I went to our bunks and saw we received mail and had two new bunkmates. We greeted the new guys and one answered Hi with an Irish accent and the other waved his hand to say hello. We later learned that their names were Ethan and Dimitry we took them out drinking and had a great time. Ethan can hold his liquor well but after his 27th bottle of imported Irish beer he passed out and fell off the bar stool. As we got back to the barracks and threw Ethan in his bunk we looked through the mail.

I thought oh, cool I got a letter from my mom. I opened it and read the first few lines and dropped the piece of paper. The letter said: Dear Ben, I just wanted to let you know I just got a telegram saying your fathers ship, The U.S.S Davis was protecting a convoy and was sunk by an enemy u-boat. British ships chased the u-boat off but they found your fathers body in the wreckage. I'm so sorry love mom. It was the first time in my life I had ever cried over something and it was really hard to deal with. Ranger school offered me a week off but i decided that if I lose a friend in battle I wouldn't get a week off so I declined and trudged on. Dimitry is having problems also. He is getting shit from the HQ about not being able to join Ranger school because he's black but his family threatened to sue so they backed off. I was glad because Dimitry is a badass with the Browning Automatic Rifle. Ethan too has issues, he's receiving racial comments from many of the drill instructors because he's Irish.(I am too but my last name is French)He has a drinking problem too but hey don't we all? He is pretty good with the Thompson SMG and the M1. Well duty calls today and we are learning amphibious landings.....that will never do us any good.