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The Journal and Memoir of Benjamin Beaudry (United States Military World War 2)

Journal Entries

Army Recruiting HQ, Dec 8, 1941
Fort Benning, Georgia 12/12/41
Ethan, Dimitry, and The Bad News 12/19/41
England, A Nice Change Of Scenery 3/11/42
Getting Ready 7/12/42
Sweating Bullets 11/6/42
Baptism of Fire 11/8/42
Operation Torch 11/15/42
Merry Christmas 12/25/42

Benjamin Beaudry joined the United States Military after the bombing of Pearl Harbor December 7th, 1941. With his cunning strength and spirit Ben lead the front line in some of the major battles that drove back Nazi Germany. Ben was located all over Europe and kept a Journal for his own comfort, after the war his journal was found and sent to his family. Soon his family decided that these stories not only have feeling but heart as well and they soon gave permission to post his memoirs for the whole world to see. Updates are coming along but since our possesion of the journal are fairly new we don't have everyone posted.

The song in the background is John Williams Hymn to the Fallen