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Haunted Locations
St. Joseph - Benton High School - The annex of the school is haunted by a mysterious ghost. One night a woman reported seeing it enter a room, only to turn on the television set and sat down to watch. People have also claimed to see a red glowing light floating down the halls.

St. Joseph - The Old Park Floral Building - After the floral shop shut down they tried to sell it but no one wants to buy it do to its weird happenings. There is a very eerie feeling when you enter the building. Plus it kind of looks like a castle. People have heard a beautiful sound of piano playing from the upper floors, they hear foot steps, noises in the fire place.

St. Joseph - The Death Cellar - It's the house of the resident C.W. Farquhar. It has been known by many people that have stayed in the basement.