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Social Anxiety Support Group
the Social Anxiety Support Group
for Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC.

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Directions: MLK Library
Directions: Tenley-Friendship Library
The Social Anxiety Support Group is held the first Saturday of every month at the Tenley-Friendship Library and the third Saturday at Martin Luther King Library (see Directions). The meetings (10:00-11:30am) are usually 90 minutes long with about 5 to 10 people in attendance.

The meeting begins with introductions. If you do not feel like saying anything at this point you do not have to, nor for the rest of the meeting. This will be understood, as all the regulars of the group were once new and felt the same anxieties about talking in a group of strangers. So don't talk, talk a little, or talk a lot. You will be welcome.

After introductions success stories are shared with the group. This can be something difficult that a group member has done despite his/her social anxiety, such as a job interview, giving a speech, going to a party, or just talking to someone new. A success story can be anything you've done in spite of social anxiety. It can be something as simple as saying hello to a stranger.

The rest of the meeting is usually conversations started from the success stories. Or if someone needs advice about how to deal with a life situation that social anxiety is making more difficult than need be the group will offer advice and be as helpful as they can.

So if you feel that social anxiety is a problem in your life and would like to meet others with social anxiety, you are encouraged to be a part of our group. It's a great source for support and an opportunity to make some friends.

Hope to see you there!