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The Official Newsletter of the Southern Maryland Horse Association, Inc. 

P.O. Box 17, Tracys Landing, Md.  20779



January 2005



President:  Mari Douglas        Vice President:  Michael MacLeod

Treasurer: Sylvia Brownlee           Corresponding Secretary:  Alison Reigle

Recording Secretary:  Mary Ann  Buckley

Board of Directors:  Betsy Andrews, Kelly McCarley, Dianne McClary, Diane Hedlund, Karol Dyson, Alison Fisher, Robert Buckley, Melissa Douglas



Email address:

Equestrian Center Webpage:

Stall Reservations:  Tlinesporthorses



SHOW DATES:  March 19&20  April 23&24     May 14&15   June 25&26   July 30&31

Mark your calendars now!


Rules Committee:  Betsy Andrews, Mary Ann Buckley          Judges Committee: Mari Douglas, Mary Ann Buckley

Show Committee:  Board Of Directors                                  Steward Committee: Board Of Directors

Awards Committee: Mari Douglas, Alison Fisher                Banquet Committee: Mari Douglas, Mary Ann Buckley,       

                                                                                               Alison Fisher

Announcer:  TBD

Course Design:  Kim Bonelli

Website Design:  Krisations Web Design

Jump Crew:  Justin Lewis, Brent Lankford


Open Membership Meeting:  Our Open Membership meeting was held on December 6, 2004  at 7:30 pm at Souhtern Middle School in Lothian, Md.   We thank those who took the time to come out and support our organization as we make our changes for the new show series.


Membership:  Membership fees are $40.00 Family, $30.00  Individual.  These fees cover the costs of our mailings to you.  Attached please find a Membership form for your convenience.  We are changing it to accommodate bookkeeping and the computer program.  Email registration is encouraged…it cuts down on our expenses and delivers your newsletter more quickly.


Horse Registration:  Horses must be registered before accumulating points toward year end awards.  There are registration spaces on the membership forms for your horses, and no additional fees per horse.  SMHA is again asking members to keep copies of coggins on file with us.  No horse may show without a current coggins.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Copies of breed papers must be on file prior to showing if you are interested in your horse accumulating points toward any award that requires them.


Stall Reservations:  Reservations can be made in advance or before a show. Stall Fees:  $35.00 per weekend.  We would like to emphasize that we keep records of stalls, if you are in a stall that you did not pay for you will be asked to either pay or leave.


Sponsorships:  We are once again looking for sponsor ads for our 2005 season.  If you are interested in placing an ad, contact Dianne McClary at  She did a great job last year of soliciting ads for our booklet and sponsors for our divisions.  A sponsor letter accompanies this newsletter.  We are also offering a coupon opportunity for interested vendors…if you want your ad to be a coupon, please indicate on your sponsor ad form and we will be happy to accommodate it.  We encourage our membership to patronize our sponsors.


Prize List:  The Season Prize List is attached…note that this year we have reverted to two shows…points accumulated on Saturday do not affect points accumulated on Sunday, they are considered two separate shows. 


Show Rules and Regulations 2005:  Many thanks to Betsy Andrews for revamping the Show Booklet for this upcoming season.  Please note that the divisions are listed in alphabetical order to facilitate finding things quickly.  There is much important information in this booklet.  For the first time, the SMHA Constitution is also included in this.  The Constitution governs the behavior of the organization, the Show Booklet addresses the Show Rules.  Please take time to review these important pieces of information.  Our show sponsors as always will be listed…this year in the back each division sponsor will be listed, and the ads will follow. 


Class Fees:  The class fees will be going up slightly, to $9.00 per class for members, and $12.00 for non-members.  The administrative fee will be remain at $5.00 per number issued.  There is also a $5.00 EMT fee per entrant, NOT per number.


Vendors: Interested in being a vendor?  A vendor form must be filled out prior to arrival to our show.  Vendor fees are $25.00 per show, with an additional $15.00 for electrical hook-up.  Please contact Mary Ann Buckley


Campsites:  Campsites are available near the lower W barns near the trees, with electrical hook-up.  The fee is $30.00 per weekend.  Contact Mary Ann Buckley  If people are seen camping near these sites without prior arrangements, they may be asked to move or pay.  SMHA assumes no responsibility for campsites.


Rule Changes:  Several Rule changes were voted on, and there will be some changes made to the structure of the show.  As always, when things change, it takes some getting used to.  We ask again for the patience of our membership as we work through several new things for our show. 




1.)     Open Western Pleasure Walk/Jog has been broken down into two separate divisions this year.  We are making it Open Junior Western Pleasure Walk/Jog for those riders 17 yrs old and under, and Open Senior Western Pleasure Walk/Jog for riders 18 yrs & over.  Please note that the riders who are LIMITED to walk jog (Classics Western Horsemanship and Pleasure Walk Jog, and Youth Western Horsemanship Walk/Jog are eligible to participate in this division as well.

2.)     Open Novice Western Horsemanship has been renamed:  Novice Western Horsemanship.  This division is open to any age rider who is in their first or second year of showing in the Western discipline.

3.)     Western Working Horse:  This division has been changed slightly.  We have added another class to round out working horse, and separated the Command Class into its own division. 

4.)     Horsemanship Pattern:  We have added an OPEN pattern horsemanship class.  While riders are limited to one horsemanship division, ALL riders are eligible to participate in this additional class, so they may participate in ONE horsemanship division AND this pattern class if they choose.

5.)     The Masters Divisions will be for ages 45& over this year.

6.)     Classics will remain at 40 yrs and over.

7.)     Western Pleasure 5 Yrs and under will have a Walk Jog, Walk Jog Rail and Walk Jog Lope class. 

8.)     Green Western Pleasure this year will be limited to horses and ponies SIX (6) years and older in their first or second year of showing in the Western discipline.   This division will also be Walk/Jog, Walk/Jog Disciplined Rail, and Walk/ Jog/ Lope. 

9.)     Western Trail classes will be run on Saturday mornings from 9:30-12 noon in Ring One…riders may participate in their selected Trail classes…notify the gate person as to which class you are competing in. 

10.) English Trail will be run at the conclusion of the English classes as usual. 

11.) Driving will be run at the conclusion of English Trail.  Obstacle Driving has been eliminated this year. 

12.) Jumpers:  Jumper classes have been expanded to include the same two classes of Timed First Jump Off and Power and Speed at heights of 2’, 2’3”. 2’6”, 2’9”, and 3’ .  We will be running these classes on SATURDAY…starting at 2 pm in Ring One, or the Pony Ring.  We ask that the jumpers please remember that the Western show is going on in Ring Two, and that jumping warmup will be permitted at the conclusion of Trail in the schooling ring.  Again, we ask our membership to exercise good sportsmanship and observe schooling ring etiquette..




1.)     Mini English Equitation and Mini English Pleasure – these divisions will be broken down as they were last year into 8 Yrs and Under, 9 & 10 Years, and 11 & 12 Years.  We very VERY  pleased last year to see so many new young riders in this division. 

2.)     Junior and Senior English Pleasure Walk Trot will be renamed Open Junior English Pleasure Walk/Trot and Open Senior English Walk/Trot.    Riders such as Classics Walk/Trot and Mini English Walk/Trot are eligible to participate in those divisions as well according to age.

3.)     Green English Pleasure – open to horses and ponies 6 Years and Older in their first or second year of showing in the English discipline.  Classes for this division will be Walk/ Trot, Walk/ Trot Disciplined Rail, and Walk/ Trot/ Canter.

4.)     English Hunter 5 Yrs and Under has been broken down into one Under Saddle with Walk/ Trot and Walk/ Trot Disciplined Rail.

5.)     Green English Hunter Over Fences will be at the fence height of 2’, for horses and ponies of any age in their first or second year of showing. 

6.)     Green Horse Hunter is open to HORSES only in their first or second year of showing, ages 6 yrs and over, with a Walk/ Trot Disciplined Rail, and Walk/ Trot/ Canter.

7.)     Masters divisions are for ages 45 yrs and over this year.

8.)     Classics divisions remain at 40 yrs and over.


Just to recap…on Saturday, the Show starts at 9 am.  On Sunday, the Pony ring starts at 8:00 am, and the Horse Ring starts at the conclusion of Model classes in the Pony Ring…






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