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The Official Newsletter of the Southern Maryland Horse Association, Inc. 

P.O. Box 17, Tracys Landing, Md.  20779



March - April 2006



Executive Board


President:  Mari Douglas Kehrig        Vice President:  Michael MacLeod

Treasurer: Betsy A ndrews                         Assistant To the Treasurer:  Karen Briggs 

 Corresponding Secretary:  Mary Ann Buckley                                 Recording Secretary:  Robert Buckley


Board of Directors:  Alison, Reigle, Dianne McClary, Diane Hedlund, Karol Dyson, Sylvia Brownlee



Email address:

Equestrian Center Webpage:

Stall Reservations:  Tlinesporthorses


Membership Committee: Michael MacLeod, Sylvia Brownlee           Horse Registrations:  Michael MacLeod

Rules Committee:  Betsy Andrews, Mary Ann Buckley                      Judges Committee: Mari Douglas Kehrig, Mary Ann Buckley

Show Committee:  Board Of Directors                                                Steward Committee: Board Of Directors

Awards Committee: Mari Douglas Kehrig,  Karol Dyson                  Banquet Committee: Karol Dyson, Mary Ann Buckley  

Sponsorships:  Dianne McClary                                                         Ribbons:  Alison Reigle


Announcer:  Crystal Massey, Kim Gladwell

Course Design:  Kim Bonelli

Website Design:  Krisations Web Design

Jump Crew:  Justin Lewis, Brent Lankford, Jose Parra, Joey  Black, Brandon Douglas, Felipe

Office Staff:  Vicki Turley, BrianTurley,  Wendy Giuliani, Betsy Andrews, Samantha Bunker, Stephanie Turley, Mary Ann Buckley

EMT:  Candyce Hilgenberg, Jennifer Lankford

Computer Programmer:  Steve Hedlund

Printing Services: Economy Printing

Jumps by Jamie’s Jumps






 March 25-26    April 22-23   May 20-21       June 24-25      August 26-27


President’s Notes: Our first show of the season was great…we had great attendance, and we had a great idea with the third ring.  It proved to be a popular idea among our clientele…with one exception….and we will adjust accordingly.  PLEASE NOTE CHANGES TO THE PRIZE LIST….we offer our apologies to those who waited so long for the horse hunter divisions,.  When we realized we could possibly be there late into the night, we opted to pull the horse hunter divisions apart, inconveniencing some of our clients.  We aim to please, and promise to continue to evaluate the flow of the show to better it for all concerned.  Again, please look at the prize list.  We have NOT changed the class numbers, but we have changed the SEQUENCE of the classes.  They do not follow numerically, and we hope that this new configuration will accommodate our goal to have everyone finish in an earlier day. 


SHOW FORMAT:  The rings have been designated as Ring One (Horse Hunter Ring) nearest the road.  Ring Two (Pony Hunter Ring) is the center ring.  Both of these rings will start toward the end of the Model classes being held in Ring Three (Pony Ring). 




Ring Four is the schooling ring in the back behind the “S” barns also known as the Jumper ring, and the small circular ring beside it is for schooling the little kids ONLY please…..jumps will be set up in Ring One for Jumpers on Saturday, and in all three rings for Sunday, with only four jumps in Ring Three.  Due to limited availability of jumps for our first show we were stretched thin, but in future shows the jump availability is better.  Jumps will continue to be set up in ring Four for schooling.  Jumpers can school after 11 am on Saturday in Ring Four.  Western riders will be able to school in Ring Four prior to that, and in the schooling ring at the conclusion of Trail, which will be held in the schooling ring.  On Sunday, ample schooling time is allowed in all three rings in the am prior to the start of the show.


JUMPERS:  Jumpers will continue to be held on Saturday, not to commence prior to 1 pm.


DRIVING:  Driving classes will be held at the end of our day on Saturday, not to start before 2 pm.  Last year, they ran at about 3-4 pm, but be there earlier than 2 pm to be sure.  


REGISTRATION:  We are offering preregistration this year to help expedite your office experience and minimize traffic and snarls the days of the shows…these forms will be a different color, and the class fees for members for preregistration will be $9.00.  If you register the day of the show, the fee will be $10 per class.  If you are interested in preregistration forms, please email with your name and address so we may mail you forms for the season.  Because these forms are needed in triplicate they must be obtained directly from SMHA.  No email copies will be accepted.




PREREGISRATION FORMS WILL BE DUE SEVEN DAYS (7 days) PRIOR TO THE SHOW DATE.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!  Preregistration forms should be mailed to:  SMHA, PO Box 17, Tracys Landing, Md.  20779  attn Betsy Andrews.




Again the prize list has been revised – the current DATE on the bottom of the CORRECT prize list is April 9, 2006.  Please check it carefully…the class numbers have not changed but the SEQUENCE has….


The NEW  prize list for the 2006 show season is attached….RESTRICTED DIVISIONS are in RED.  Please refer to the rule book to determine if you meet qualifications for these divisions.


BANQUET:  Tentative plans are for the banquet to be January 6, 2007.  again at the Jaycees.  We are working on a different format for the banquet and will present it at a later date.


PRIZES:  If you did not receive your Year End Award, please contact and let us know… Please email


RIBBON SNAFU:  We had a bit of a ribbon snafu at the banquet…if you received the wrong ribbons ,or did not receive the right ribbons,  please contact are arranging to sort them to their proper owners….


RIBBON EXCHANGE:  This year for the first time we will be offering a ribbon exchange program.  You will be able to receive a coupon good for one SMHA dollar instead of a ribbon for placement, to exchange for banquet tickets, additions to value of year end prizes, “shopping”  off the SMHA shopping list at the end of the season, or money off of show fees.  If you prefer to cash them in that day, YOU MUST present them to the office at the close of the day, and make sure they are properly filled out for credit.  We will have a ribbon tent with ribbon staff for all three rings to coordinate this….ribbons will not be handed out at the gate, but can be obtained at the ribbon tent…


SPONSORSHIPS:  Again we are soliciting as well for sponsorships.  As a sponsor your name or business is listed in our show booklet and our banquet booklet, and is announced with its division at every show.  Great publicity for your business or family!!


STALLS:  Stalls can be reserved by emailing 




Prize List