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At long last, a set of CMMOS compatible mods that incorporate all the Universal Carrier mods on the TOMMY and CANUCK websites.

What is CMMOS?

CMMOS (CM Mod Option Selector) is a program written for Windows by Gordon Molek and is available at Combat Mission Headquarters (the main Battlefront site for its Combat Mission game).

It provides the CM player with "a simple, intuitive and fast interface for selecting particular option sets."

Using CMMOS is easy:

Simply click on the CMMOS shortcut that is installed on the desktop, and the user will see a smallish tabbed window with a set of icons displayed and a set of buttons.

The tabs allow access to different RuleSets (in the case of this download, Canadian Uniforms). The icons represent the various Rules available: CM Default Carrier, Basic Carrier, etc.   When an icon is selected, the Reset and Apply buttons will be enabled (non grayed out).

If you press the Apply button, the selected Rule will be installed. If you press the Reset button, the selected Rule will be de-selected. If the particular Rule selected supports Options, you will see below that icon a standard list box allowing you to choose which Option you want to install.

carrier1.gif (15738 bytes)
carrier2.gif (16754 bytes) For instance, in the image at left, the Pawbroon's UC Options icon has Options for British Carrier w/Mickey Mouse camo highlighted; this Option will be installed when the Apply button is pressed.  The names of the various mod artists are in parentheses, as well as certain historical information where applicable.

If the BMPs necessary to implement a particular Rule are not installed, the icon representing that Rule is disabled.

Hints are also available for each icon and button, just leave the mouse pointer positioned over the icon or button until the hint text is displayed (hints do not show up on buttons that are disabled (or "grayed out").

For this download to work properly, RuleSet 958 must not be in use.  This set is contained in the 900 range allocated by the CMMOS design team for "personal" use.

What does this download contain?

This download contains the ability for CMMOS to switch between several different styles of Universal Carrier artwork, which will also affect the WASP and MG CARRIERs in the game.   The artwork will be the same for all Polish, British and Canadian carriers.

How do I get this download to operate properly?

You must have a working copy of CMMOS.   Some users who have dowloaded DFDR will find a conflict that can be rectified by following Gordon's directions at right.

  • All the bitmap folders must have the bitmaps copied into the Program Files\CMBO\BMP folder.

  • The folder named RuleSet958 must be copied into the Program Files\GEM Software Productions\CM Mod Option Selector folder.

That's all there is to it!

CMMOS TROUBLESHOOTING TIP - for those who have downloaded DFDR or multiple copies of CM:BO

If CMMOS will not work, and you have downloaded the DFDR or other mods, or installed CMBO in multiple places on the hard drive, do the following:

 Click "Start" -> Run.

In the "Open" combo-box, type "regedit" and click "OK".

Click the "+" next to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE".

Click the "+" next to "Software".

Click the "+" next to "Microsoft".

Click the "+" next to "Windows".

Click the "+" next to "CurrentVersion".

Click the "+" next to "App Paths".

Click on "Combat Mission.exe".

In the right panel there should be 2 rows, one with "(Default)" in the "Name" column and one with "Path".

Look under the "Data" column of the "Path" row.  This is the folder that CMMOS expects CM:BO to be installed. It needs this to find the BMP folder.  If not the correct directory (presumably not), right click on "Path" and select "Modify".  Change the edit box to be the correct path and click "OK".

Contains the following Rules and Options (Note, these rules will apply equally to all British, Polish and Canadian carriers in the game, as the same bmps are used for these different nationalities. 

Default CM: The stock artwork with the game; can be used with div insignia below.
Basic Carrier Michael Dorosh's lo-res brown universal carrier in Canadian markings.
Canadian Divisional markings Unit markings for carriers of the infantry battalions in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Canadian Divisions.
Feldgrau's Infantry and Mortar Carriers Feldgrau's carriers for Polish, British and Canadian units, in two distinct variants.
Feldgrau Options Options for Feldgrau's carriers, above.
Pawbroon's British Carriers Pawbroon's British Universal Carrier
Pawbroon Options Options for Pawbroon's carriers, above.
British Divisional Markings Markings for 72 seperate infantry battalions of the British Army, for use with either Pawbroon's carrier, or the stock CM carrier.
carrier2.jpg (29064 bytes)
Above - stock CM graphics with Brit Div markings.

Right - Feldgrau's Polish Mortar Carrier

Below - Pawbroon's hi-res Universal Carrier

carrier11.jpg (33667 bytes)
carpaw.jpg (27473 bytes)


File Size Must be unzipped to this folder:
Rule Set 958 0.04 Mb Program Files\GEM Software Productions\CM Mod Option Selector\RuleSet959
BasicUC 1.83 Mb Program Files\CMBO\BMP
Pawbroonuc 2.14 Mb Program Files\CMBO\BMP
Feldgrauucs 5.4 Mb Program Files\CMBO\BMP
Divmarkings 4.35 Mb Program Files\CMBO\BMP