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Layout Jenny & Rivendell.

Layout Commentary
Here is another sparklely layout by me! ^^ This layout features Maron from Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (manga). She's just so spiffy. ^^ In case your haven't noticed, this layout was created to use for a blog, but you might be able to use it for something else if you want. This layout also uses DIV layers and quite a bit of CSS. Soooo.... I suggest you know a good deal of HTML before trying to use this layout.

First of all, download the layout and upload it to your host. You must know HTML in order to use the layout. To edit just go to index.html and edit it with your content in the appropriate places. Just remove all the text I have here (except for the credit link) and replace it with your own text. To edit the CSS, go to fairy.css and edit it in the appropriate places.

Your must give credit and link back to Rivendell. I have all ready placed a credit link under Happiness on the side column, but you may move it if it doesn't suit you where it's at. You are required link the site back somewhere!

Extra Tidbits
In this layout you get a nice matching divider to place between your entries! The file name is: divide.gif.

I also made you a nice little button! The file name is: button.gif

~ Jenny