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The Two Things I Hate Most In This World: Fat Chicks and Band Geeks!
By: Ryan
In high school there are many different types of geeks, nerds, dorks and losers, but the most annoying, repulsive, people who when you see them, you just want to punch them in their face, have to be Band Geeks. These people are born weirdos. Their life revolves around playing in the school's band and mastering crappy "school spirit" tunes, along with the school's "fight song", which does nothing more than bug people at the begginnings, halftimes and endings of football games. They lack any sexual drive and obviously have yet to notice the progression of fashion over the years. I discovered the following photos at the official website of South Pasadena High School in South Pasadena, California. As you look over these pictures take a good look at yourself, because you too might just be a Band Geek.

Back To School
By: Ryan
Well, summer is nearing it's end and school is only a few weeks away. This will be my last year attending Dulaney High School, but I feel bad when I think of all the new kids coming in and the kid who still have two or three years left. I feel bad because I know that by the time they graduate, the school will have implemented so many new rules and regulations to guide them through their high school career that the place is gonna be run like a Nazi training camp. You may think I'm joking, but I dont remember a School Rescource Officer (aka a cop in the school) on every floor the first day I walked in my freshman year. And now they've taken away our senior barbecue groups, a tradition at Dulaney since my parents attended there, thirty years ago. Yes my friends, the end is near. The end of those four glorious years in your teens before you have to grow up and act like an adult. Gone are the days of cutting out for lunch at Burger King with your friends to escape the awful slop served in the cafeteria, and so goes walking the halls for a whole period to get out of a test. I can almost smell the manditory school uniforms and ID necklaces in the future. By the time my kids reach high school, it will have a totally different meaning. Instead of being a "half fun/half work" institute where you can socialize and enjoy what little education you receive, it will be a stiff, monochromatic camp where you dont even know your teachers' names and the principal is referred to as "Fuhrer".

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Website gives poor review of beloved beer
By: Ryan
-While searching around the internet I found a website dedicated to reviewing popular beers, The Opinionated Beer Page. Being an avid consumer of beer I checked out the site and began to look up some of my favorite thirst-quenchers. To my complete disgust I found a disreputable review of the beer of choice for me and my friends, Natural Light. Since way back in sophomore year, me and my closest have been throwing back Natural Light exclusively. And now this mediochre connoisseur of fine beers is telling me that "Natural light is [his] nineteenth favorite beer, number eighteen is Dying of Thirst." Even going as far as to call the beer of white trash. Well, as a high school student I must disagree. Natural Light is among one of the highest rated beers at my school(Dulaney High School). Every Monday morning the fact is evident by the empty Natural Light boxes lining the road up to my school, and the empty beer cans hung like christmas ornaments on the school's fine landscaping. Long story short, Natural Light still received a 6.89 out of 10 from viewer votes, so screw him.

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