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My Camper!
This is my camper in the left half of my backyard. Thats a pond we built next to it. I'll try to take a pic of the other side of my backyard if you guys really care. I have a treehouse and a little basketball court and a field on the right side. And this camper has 2 slide-outs on it which means that 2 sides of the camper comes out so we have more room inside.

This is the front part of the inside of my camper. Nothing fancy but we love it. In this thing we've been thru tonados in Tennessee, floods in Myrtle Beach and hail in New York! hahaha...yeah... Oh yeah, that couch folds out to be a bed and so does that little table thing in the botton left corner. Last year for my b-day I brought 5 friends and we went camping at Hershey Park! That was so fun! I'm gunna do something like that again this year but we might go to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina or somewhere. I want to go the the beach. Skimpy bikini time! lol Ami! =D