To live as Christ-like as I can,
To live as Christ-like as I can,
No matter where I go, and where I am,
To accept whatever comes along;
Be it good or ill - I will honour Him still,
And do the very best I can, and let it stand
As a testimony of Christ's loving hand,
And then - if failure comes to me,
I will press on, and claim the victory,
To live undaunted and unafraid,
Of past mistakes that I have made,
To be without pretence or sham,
And be exactly who I am,
No matter what men think or say,
Jesus is my strength and stay,
Not just for now, but for all eternity,
And that my friend is good enough for me,
For I am what I am, by the grace of the Lord,
For now and forevermore adored,
So who am I then? I'm the Lord's!
Doreen Irvine, September 2006.


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