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This article is a personal testimony. Key words include:- biography; visions; dismissal
 –Alberta, Canada case.

In 1987 a novel horizontal well was designed and drilled. My group was responsible for selecting and positioning of the well. A conceptual picture of the well is shown in the sketch. The well was drilled vertically a certain distance and then the well bore was rotated so that it was horizontal in the oil zone. These wells are very uncommon and this particular well was the first of its kind in Canada. Technical details are provided in the public domain (1). The well was an experimental pilot well and in early 1988 had been on only been brought on production.

I personally presented the proposal on the horizontal well to several groups within AEC including senior management. Although there were many and varied questions it is significant that not one person asked whether the well bore would fail or break.

Our group was not responsible for the mechanical details - this part of the program was under the direction of the Drilling Department. During drilling there were problems!
The series of events pertaining to this special well are described below in chronological format.

January 5, 1988 …A mature Christian lady called to inform me about a vision she had of black/gold “ syrupy “ oil running down a hill. She also saw people studying maps and two or three men wearing white hard hats and received words such as “ oil “; “ maps” and “ geology “ (I should stress that neither the lady nor myself had been praying about this well or any other well for that matter.)

January 6 … A Christian man had a vision of a 10 - 15 ft deep hole full of oil (diameter of hole was approximately 6 ft) and a pipe 8 to 10 in. placed in the hole flowing oil.

January 29… I made a written recommendation to pump the horizontal well harder because this change would help determine the well capacity. The department manager asked for reasons to substantiate the recommendation. Because it was an experimental project, I told him it was the only way to determine the maximum pumping rate of the well. At this time I first told him verbally about the visions that the Christian woman and man had previously. He replied, “The Holy Sprit does not work for AEC!” On thinking about that statement he is absolutely right the Holy Spirit does not work for AEC.

Later I went to the AEC slide library and borrowed two slides of the horizontal well when it was  being drilled. One photograph showed the drilling rig on top of a hill and in the foreground the slope of a hill. The other photograph showed three men standing around the wellhead.

That night the lady who had the original vision saw the two photographs and she recognized the hill and the incline of the hill and were confirmations to her that God had spoken to her through a vision.

February 1 … The last item on the agenda - the horizontal well. It was simply a question whether or not the well should be pumped harder. Prior to getting into the agenda item I distributed copies of the visions related to the horizontal well (typed up and approximately ½ of one page long.) Copies were distributed to everybody present. My supervisor took one glance at the sheet and before I had an opportunity to explain myself, he swore at me and told me to get out of the meeting.

About ten minutes later the supervisor came into my office and asked, “ How does this paper help me!” I replied,“ it is supplemental information and may be of interest.” He left my office without saying anything further.

February 3 … On this evening I was talking to another Christian woman on the phone about the AEC matter and as I was explaining what had happened she had a vision. She saw the vertical and curved sections of a well but not the horizontal part.

In the next chapter subsequent details leading up to termination without cause are covered.

1. Anon, “AEC Completing Horizontal Well at Suffield”, Enhanced Recovery Week (September 21, 1987).