I Stood Up And Received Multiple Blessings - David Christopher

I Stood Up And Received Multiple Blessings

I was at a conference where a Christian minister was teaching on healing from the New Testament. He paused and looked up and said that Holy Spirit was resting over the area that I was sitting in. He suggested that if anyone in this area wanted "a special blessing of the Holy Spirit" that we could stand up. I stood up. I stayed standing for a few minutes, then sat down. The man beside me asked what was happening with me. I opened my mouth to speak, and a language came out that I didn't understand. The man said it sounded like Russian.


After the conference I went for my regular chiropractic appointment. The chiropractor examined my back and asked, "who have you been seeing?" I asked what he meant. He said that my spine was now straight, and that no sign of the scoliosis (twisted spine) was noticeable. Also, I went to the massage therapist, who is from Russia. I asked her if she would listen to me speak a language and tell me if it was Russian. She agreed, and, when I spoke to her in that language, her eyes widened and she asked: "where did you get that language?" She told me that the language was not taught anywhere because it is a "dead" language. It died when the generation of her grandparents died out, in the mountains of Kazakhstan. She learned the language from her grandparents as a little girl. That was 13 years ago, and I have had no problems with my back since.


It is wonderful to know God is still in the healing and miracle business, as detailed in the Bible. 
It is even more wonderful to know that I have been given a life that is for ever, because of what Jesus has done for us. 
He has taken the punishment for what I did wrong, and He has given me a place in the kingdom of heaven.
It's not because I am good enough.I don't deserve it by doing good things.

It is because God loves me and wants to give of Himself freely.It's about how good He is, how generous He is.It's because He is the best Father anyone could have.


If you are interested in knowing the God that healed me then pray the following prayer and mean it.


Heavenly Father I come to you now. Lord, I am a sinner. I have sinned against you, even this day, but Lord, I come and ask you in the name of Jesus that you will forgive me for all my sins, that you will wash me in the blood of Jesus and I shall be cleansed from all sin. I thank you now for saving me. Come into my heart and into my life and Lord, lead me by your Spirit and help me to live for you from this day forth. I thank you now in Jesusí name, Amen.


To continue as a true believer you must follow the Lord Jesus Christ. This involves regularly: 1. Readingthe Bible; 2. Praying to God in Jesusí name; 3. Fellowshipping with other born-again believers.



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