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The Lewis Family of Clinton Co., New York and Weber Co., Utah

First Generation

David Lewis born about 1776 in Crownpoint, New York. He married Abigail Hay
Their Children:
i. Lemuel Lewis born 19 March 1801 in Crownpoint, Essex, New York. Died about 1880 in Albion, Cassia Co., Idaho. He was married on an unknown date to Weighty Stanton born 11 June 1807 in Canada. Died about 1846.

Second Generation

Lemuel Lewis and Weighty Stanton
Their Children:
i. Abigail Celecta Lewis born 26 July 1823 in Montgomery, Addison Co., Vermont. Died 18 March 1892 in Albion, Cassia Co., Idaho.
ii. David S. Lewis born 5 May 1831 in Saranack, Clinton Co., New York. Died 8 September 1920 in Albion, Cassia Co., Idaho. He was married 15 January 1850 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah to Mary Gibson born 15 January 1828 in Abbey (paisley) Renfrew, Scotland. She died about 1863.
iii. Dianna Lewis born 6 November 1833 in Saranack, Clinton Co., New York.
iv. Lydia Lewis born about 1837 in Ohio.
v. Ellen Lewis born bout 1839 in Ohio.

Third Generation

David S. Lewis and Mary Gibson
Their Children:
i. Weatia (Weighty) Celecta Lewis born 16 september 1851 at Browns Fort in Ogden, Weber Co., Utah. Died 22 May 1928 in Elba, Cassia Co., Idaho. Buried in Albion. She was married 23 January 1866 in Coalville, Summit Co., Utah to John Alma Lewis born 22 August 1835 in Liberty, Clay Co., Missouri. He died 3 September 1919 in McCammon, Bannock Co., Utah.
ii. David Lewis born 28 November 1853 in Kaysville, Davis Co., Utah. Died about 1940.
iii. Agnes Lewis born 11 September 1855 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah. Died 29 December 1941.
iv. Philip G. Lewis born 28 February 1857 in Kaysville, Davis Co., Utah.
v. Mary Lewis born about 1859 at Fort Bridger, Uinta, Wyoming.
vi. Olive Matilda Lewis born 3 January 1862 at Fort Bridger, Uinta, Wyoming. Died 26 March 1940.

Fourth Generation

Weatia (Weighty) Celecta Lewis and John Alma Lewis


Abigail Celecta Lewis: Records Of Celecta Ottley Haroldson ID Falls ID

David S. Lewis: David S. Lewis was one of Brigham Young's Scouts across the plains to UT. David lived with Peter Ogden's trappers in Ogden Hole, UT.

David S. Lewis and Family:
1850 Weber Territory, Utah Census
Dwelling 141: David Lewis age 19, male, Farmer, born in New York, married within the year.
Mary Lewis age 20, female, born in Scotland, married within the year.

1860 Green River Territory, UT Census
Daivd Lewis, Herder , age 30 born New York
Mary Lewis age 32, born in Scotland
Ellen Lewis age 30 born in Scotland
Weighta E. Lewis age 9 born in Utah
David Lewis age 6 born in Utah
Agnes Lewis age 5 born in Utah
Philip Lewis age 4 born in Utah
Mary Lewis age 1 born in Utah
John Lewis age 4 born in Utah
Samson Lewis age 1 born in Utah

1870 Corinne, Box Elder County Utah Census
Agnes Lewis, age 15, Domestic Servant, born in Utah, living in the David Sherwood household. He is listed as a hotel keeper.
1870 Brigham City, Box Elder County Utah Census
Phillipp Lewis, age 13, born in utah, works in Carding Mill, living in the Alanson Norton Household.
1870 Corrinne, Box Elder County Utah Census
Olive M. Lewis, age 9, born in Utah, living in the John I. Fink family.
Where was David at this time?

1880 District 13, Cassia Co., Idaho Census
Davis Lewis age 49, Laborer born New York, father born New York, Mother born in Canada
Sarah E. Lewis, daughter age 5 born in Utah, mother born UT.
Susan A. age 2, daughter born Utah, mother born UT.

1900 Toano, Elko County Nevada Census
David Lewis, boarder, born May of 1820 in New York, age 80, Farm laborer, Father born in New York, mother born in Canada (French), boarding with the Johnson family.
I cannot locate David in Idaho or Utah in 1900, this David certainly appears to be our David though why he is in Nevada or has suddenly gained 10 years is a mystery to me. However he maintains this 1820ish birth year in every census after this.

1910 Salt Lake City Ward 2, Salt Lake County Utah Census
Dwelling 97:
David Lewis, Head, age 92, born in New York, Father born in New York, mother born in Canada
Sarah Lewis, wife, age 37, number of years of present marriage =0, mother of 4 children 4 of which are living, born in Switzerland, parents born in Switzerland.
Myrtle E. Ashliman, age 10, step-daughter, born in Utah
Ruby E. Ashliman, age 7, step-daughter, born in Utah
Hazel Ashliman, age 5, step-daughter, born in Utah

1920 Albion, Cassia County Idaho Census
Waighty Lewis, head, age 70, widow, born in Utah, Head born in New York, mother born in Scotland.
Daivd Lewis, Father, age 103, born in New York, Father born in New York, Mother born in Canada.
Hasle Ashland, step daughter, age 15, born in Utah, Parents born in Sweden.

Lemuel Lewis and family:
1850 Weber Territory, Utah Census
Lemuel Lewis age 50, male, soapmaker, born in New York
Olive M. Lewis, age 41, female, born in Connecticut.
Diana Lewis, age 17, female, born in New York
Lydia A. lewis age 13, female, born in Ohio
Eleanor Lewis age 11, female, born in Ohio

1860 Green River Territory, Utah Census
Dwelling 2375:
Lemuel Lewis, age 59, Corn Laborer, born in Vermont
Matilda Lewis, age 51, born in Connecticut
Frederick Koch, age 24, male, Trader, born in Prussia
Lee Miles, age 21, male, Herder born in Illinois
A.W. Johnson, age 28, male, Herder, born in Canada.

Sunday 30th (July 1843), "According to appointment at eleven o'clock we repaired to the schoolhouse in Lagrange, one mile and a half distant from Brother Sherman's where we stayed. Brother Jacobs spoke from the third chapter of John fifth verse. Had an exceeding attentive congregation of about an hundred people, as usual I bore testimony at the close of his discourse. Opportunity was given for baptism, but none presented themselves, although numbers had told us they were convinced that we preached the gospel; but still they would not embrace it.
One Mr. Bugbee, a Christian preacher, agreed to be baptized on Sunday, the next day; but by persuasion was wrought upon to forsake the idea. Also one Lemuel Lewis and wife, said they believed it was the right way, but still they would not do that which they owned to be their duty. Take the place and people in general they are the strangest I ever saw in my day and generation. This Lewis is the man who was peddling gum in Willoughby, Ohio, where he was deceitfully led with encouragement of disposing of a large quantity of his hemlock gum, into the third story of the college by a student. Immediately he found himself surrounded by dead subjects with the doors all locked. Suddenly he saw a man making his way towards him with a long knife, at the sight of which he made his way out of a window thirty-six feet from the hard frozen ground, upon which he lit and the effects of which he will most likely never get entirely rid whilst he lives upon the earth. " - Journal excerpt of Oliver B. Huntington, 1823-1909

Sunday, the 6th (August)
"We soon repaired to the waters edge and Elder Jacobs baptized four viz.: Lemuel Lewis and his daughter, Hariet. Some of the members of the Christian Church who were there acted ridiculous on the account of which I heard three say they would leave the Church the next fellowship meeting. After baptism we returned home to Brother Sherman's and confirmed them. Monday, August seventh spent the day principally in writing." - Journal excerpt of Oliver B. Huntington, 1823-1909

Monday, August 14th, agreeable to appointment all the members in the part met at Brother Sherman's to organize a branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The conference was called to order at half past nine o'clock by Elder Jacobs who was appointed president of the same. Oliver B. Huntington was chosen clerk. The meeting was opened with singing and prayer by Elder Gleason, who arrived there on Wednesday the week before. We then proceeded to business, the president first arose and made some remarks upon the design of the meeting, and upon the order of the Kingdom of God, he then moved that Brother William A. Beebee be ordained an elder to preside over that branch of the Church. Seconded by Elder Gleason and carried by the unanimous voice of the conference.
Brother Ira Sherman was nominated by Brother Beebee and seconded by Elder Gleason to be ordained a teacher which was also carried without a dissenting voice.
Elder Jacobs and Elder Gleason accordingly proceeded and ordained them, afterwhich the president read some of the church laws as laid won in the book of Doctrine and Covenants, and explained them plainly unto them, with much good instruction there upon and upon the scriptures. He was followed by Elder Gleason who made many very appropriate remarks. Elder Beebee then arose and said he felt himself incompetent of the task which laid before him, but was determined by the grace of God to improve upon the talents which he had given him and magnify his office and calling. He was followed by all the brethren and sisters who expressed their warmth of feeling for the cause of Christ. The clerk then received the names of those who belonged to that branch which numbered thirteen, viz.: Wm. A. Beebee, Ira Sherman, Lemuel Lewis , John Stodefont [Sturdefont], Stephen Sturdefont, Philip Lewis , Cornelious Phelps, Feebee Sherman, Hariet Sherman, Waity Lewis , Sally Francis, Aurilly Dalrimple, May Sturdefont, seven of which Elder Jacobs had lately baptized. By the unanimous voice of the conference the branch was called Brant Branch. The minutes of the conference were then ready and accepted. Moved by the president, seconded by Elder Gleason, and carried that the minutes of the conference be regularly submitted into the authorities of the Church at Nauvoo. The meeting was then closed with singing and prayer by the President Henry B. Jacobs. Oliver B. Huntington , clerk. - Journal excerpt of Oliver B. Huntington, 1823-1909

Early Church Records of Kaysville, Kays, Sugarhouse, Salt Lake, 17th Coalville, UT & Albion, ID., Wards.
2. Cemetery Records of UT, ID, NV, & WY.
3. Marriage Records of UT, ID, NV, & WY .
4. Shipping Records, 1849.

There is a probate record for Elizabeth Gibson in Jackson, MO., administered by John F. Gibson, with lots of Lewis heirs

History of John Alma Lewis and Weatia (Weighty) Lewis