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The Ingling Family

First Generation

Samuel Ingling born about 1765 in Columbiana Co., Ohio. He was married about 1784 to Mary Fenimore born 10 January 1761 in Columbiana, Ohio.
Their Children:
i. William Fenimore Ingling born 3 April 1785 in Burlington Co. New Jersey. Died 31 March 1858 in Calvin Township, Cass Co. Michigan. He was married 7 September 1810 in Burlington Co., New Jersey to Rebecca G. Conroe/Connaroe born about 1790 in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. She died 1 April 1867 in Cass Co. Michigan.
ii. Content Ingling born 23 August 1788 in Burlington Co. Jew Jersey. Died December 1834 in Springfield Township, Burlington Co., New Jersey.
iii. Charity Ingling born 1793 in Columbiana, Ohio. Died 19 June 1879 in Columbiana, Ohio.
iv. Sarah Ingling born 1795 in Columbiana, Ohio.
v. Mary Ingling born 5 August 1797 in Pennsylvania. Died 10 June 1877 in Neptune, Mercer Co., Ohio.
vi. Ann Ingling born about 1800.
vii. Jacob Ingling born about 1803.
viii. Samuel Ingling Jr. born about 1806.

Second Generation

William Fenimore Ingling and Rebecca G. Conroe/Connaroe
Their Children:
i. Amy Cornelius Ingling born 12 April 1812 in Burlington Co., New Jersey. Died 13 May 1845 in Freeport, Wood Co., Ohio.
ii. Letitia Ingling born 17 September 1813 In Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania. Died 15 January 1908 in Lancaster, Wabash Co., Illinois. Buried in Lancaster Cemetery.
iii. William Fenimore Ingling born 24 January 1815 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Died 3 April 1905 in Denver, Denver Co., Colorado.
iv. Sarah J. Ingling born 15 Paril 1820 in Trenton, Mercer Co., New Jersey. Died 1919 in Sylvania Ohio. Buried in Reames and Norton Cemetery Cassopolis, Michigan.
v. Keziah Ingling born 4 November 1821 in New Jersey. Died after 1910 in Michigan.
vi. Elizabeth Ingling born 4 October 1823 in Trenton, Mercer Co., New Jersey. Died 2 September 1922 in Lake City, Calhoun Co., Iowa. She was married 14 September 1844 in Belfontaine, Logan Co., Ohio to David Parker born 9 September 1823 in Belfontaine, Logan Co., Ohio. Died 11 february 1895 in Lake City, Calhoun Co., Iowa.
vii. Samuel Ingling born 21 July 1829 in Stark Co., Ohio. Died 30 September 1896 in Dowegiac, Cass Co., Michigan.
viii. Uriah F. Ingling born 10 September 1832 in Ohio.
ix. Elias M. Ingling born 10 September 1832 in Ohio. Died 28 August 1892 in Michigan.
x. John Ingling born 1838 in Ohio.

Third Generation

Elizabeth Ingling and David Parker


Samuel Ingling: Served in the Revolutionary War and was taken prisoner at the blockade of the Delaware River by the British. (??)

William Fenimore Ingling Family: l840 census of Logan Co., Ohio, IF 37. He and Rebecca moved to Philadelphia shortly after their marriage and remained there for about 12 years. In 1824 he moved to Stark County, Ohio where he bought land and became identified with the pioneer history of that county. In 1838 he moved to Delaware County, Ohio for two years and then removed to Logan County, Ohio. In 1847 he came to Michigan, settling in Calvin Twp., Cass County, where he engaged in carpenter work. Buried in Reames/Norton Cemetery, Cassapolis, Cass Co., Michigan, 14th row beginning north side. Found in cemetery book located in local historical society library in Cassapolis, Michigan.

Elizabeth Ingling Parker: Obituary found in Lake City Grahpic, Lake City Iowa.