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The Garner Family of England, Westmoreland and Stafford Counties in Virginia and Curry Co. North Carolina

First Generation

John Garner born about 1589 in Shropshire District, England and died 24 July 1628 in Shropshire District, England. He was married about 1599 to Joan Underwood. She was born about 1582 in England and died Bef. 1631 in Shropshire district, England
Their Children:
i. Thomas Garner born about 1599 in Canterbury, Kent, England.
ii. Elizabeth Garner born about 1600 in England.
iii. John Garner Jr. born about 1601 in England.
iv. Anne Garner born about 1693 in England.
v. Richard Garner born about 1694 in Stanton Lacy, Shropshire England and died 1643 in Virginia. He married a Katharyn She died in "tried by ordeal" with the dunking stool, aquitted of heresy but died.

Second Generation

Richard Garner and Mrs. Katharyn Garner
Their Children:
i. John Garner born before 2 September 1633 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England. Died Bef. 26 May 1702 in Kinsale, Westmoreland County, Virginia. He was married about 1660 to Susanna Keene in Cherry Point Neck, Stafford County, Virginia. She was born about 1641 in Kent Island, Pamunkey Neck, on the Potomoac, Queen Annes County Maryland. She died 28 march 1716 in Westmoreland County, Virginia.

Third Generation

John Garner and Susanna Keene
Their Children:
i. Mary Garner born abt. 1662 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Died in 1726.
ii. John Garner Jr. born 20 January 1663 in Lewisetta, Northumberland County, Virginia. Died 25 May 1713.
iii. Henry Garner born 1664 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Died Bef. 25 June 1745.
iv. Vincent Garner born 1666 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Died in 1726.
v. Thomas Garner born 1669 in Cherry Point Neck, Stafford County, Virginia and died Bef. 13 July 1726 in Stafford County, Virginia. He married Mary Bushnell born about 1673 in Northumberland County Virginia. She died 27 March 1738 in Frederick County, Virginia.
vi. Parish Garner born 1672 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Died 27 february 1716 in Northumberland County, Virginia. Married Elizabeth Parker.
vii. Martha Garner born 1676 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Married (1) Samuel Rust (2) John Jenkins and (3) John Harness.
viii. Susan Garner born 1678 in Westmoreland County, Virginia. Married William Lewis.
ix. Benjamin Garner born Aft. 1681 in Virginia. Died 28 May 1718, Cople Parish, Westmoreland County, Virginia.
x. James Garner born Aft. 1681 in Virginia. Died in 1726. Married a Mary.

Fourth Generation

Thomas Garner and Mary Bushnell
Their Children:
i. Susanna Garner born 1706 in Stafford County, Virginia.
ii. John Garner born 1708 in Stafford County, Virginia.
iii. Thomas Garner Jr. born 1710 in Stafford County, Virginia.
iv. Vincent garner born 1712 in Stafford County, Virginia.
v.Twin Daughter Garners born 1714 in Stafford County, Virginia.
vi.Anne "Jane" Garner born 1716 in Stafford County, Virginia.
vii. Susanna Garner born 1717 in Stafford County, Virginia.
viii. Capt. James Garner born bet 1717-1726 in Stafford County, Virginia.
ix. Parish Garner born about 1722 in Stafford County, Virginia and died in 1796 in Orange County, North Carolina. He was married 2 January 1742 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Virginia to Margaret Sturdy born 1725 in Surry County, North Carolina and died in 1800 in Orange County, North Carolina.
x. Charles Garner born 1724 in Stafford County, Virginia.

Fifth Generation

Parish Garner and Margaret Sturdy
Their Children:
i. Argo Garner who married Jeremiah Davis.
ii. Samuel Garner who married Margaret Lash on 7 September 1801.
iii. James Giles Garner born 25 November 1742 Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Virginia. Died 1794 in Pendleton District, South Carolina.
iv. Thomas Garner born 28 August 1744, Oberwharton Parish, Stafford County, Virginia. Married a Susannah.
v.John Garner born 1745 in Halifax District, Northhampton County, North Carolina. died 1825 in Rowan County North Carolina. He was married abt 1765 to Alice "Alsy" Eaton born 1741 and died about 1800 in Rowan County North Carolina. He married (2) Mrs. Margaret Sigler/Sigle July 15, 1818 in Rowan County North Carolina.
vi. William Garner born about 1748.
vii. Lewis Garner born about 1750 in Stafford County, Virginia. Died in 1810 in Orange County, North Carolina.
viii. Parish Garner born 1755, Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Virginia. Died about 1767.
ix. WhiattGarner born about 1758 in Stafford County, Virginia.
x. Henry Garner born 1760 in Rowan County, North Carolina.
xi. Sturdy Garner born 19 May 1762 in Fauqier County, Virginia. DIed 1844 in Madison County, Alabama.
xii. Enoch Garner born about 1764.
xiii. Vincent Garner born 1771 in Orange Couhnty, North Carolina. Married 21 March 1793 to Susanna Howard.
xiv. David Garner born before 1775.

Sixth Generation

John Garner and Alice "Alsy" Eaton
Their Children:
i. Anna (Amy) Garner born about 1766.
ii. William Garner born 19 March 1768 in North Carolina. He died in August of 1805 in Surry County, North Carolina. He was married 29 December 1789 to Eve Kahl born 16 February 1767 in Rowan County, North Carolina. Died aft. 1820.
iii. John Garner Jr. born 28 December 1769 in Surry County, North Carolina. Died 1823 in Rowan County, North Carolina.
iv. Benjamin Garner born about 1779 in Rowan County, North Carolina. Died in December of 1849 in Warren County Tennessee.
v. Jacob Garner born about 1774. Died in August of 1818 at William May's home in Surry County, North Carolina.
vi. Elinor "Ellender" Garner born 16 March 1779 in Surry County, North Carolina. She married John Miller.
vii. Burgess Garner born about 1783 in Rowan County North Carolina. Died about 1873 in decatur, newton County, Mississippi. Married Mary Hicks.
viii. Lydia Garner born about 1784.

Children of John Garner and Mrs. Margaret Sigler/Sigle:
i.Jonathan Garner

Seventh Generation

William Garner and Eve Kahl
Their Children:
i.Nancy Garner born 11 October 1790 in Rowan Co. North Carolina. Died 16 August 1845 in Alexander, North Carolina. She was married 5 March 1811 in Surry Co., North Carolina to Samuel A. Danner born 7 September 1786 in Surry North Carolina. He died 3 December 1881 in Alexander, North Carolina.
ii. Polly Garner born in North Carolina. Married Asa Reavis.
iii. William Garner born about 1793 in Rowan or Surry County North Carolina. Died in Bibb Co., Alabama.
iv. Francis Garner born about 1794. Died in Franklin County Georgia.
v. Catherine "Katie" Garner born 1795 in North Carolina. Died 18 March 1831.
vi. John Garner born 5 January 1798 in Surry County North Carolina. Died 14 April 1850 in Yadkin County, North Carolina.
vii. Lydia Catherine Garner born 13 March 1800 in Surry County, North Carolina. Died 14 May 1864 in Davie County, North Carolina.

Eigth Generation

Nancy Garner and Samuel A. Danner


Richard Garner: Came to America in 1637 with his young son John. They landed on Farrar's Island in the James River.

John Garner (son of Richard): John was baptized in St. chad's church on Sept. 2, 1633. John was left in the care of William Farrar, planter of Virginia and for whom "Farrar's Island" was named, after his father died. In 1643 he received an inheritance of some 500 pounds from his uncle Thomas Garner of Shrewsbury upon the death of his father Richard Garner.
Jno. Garner to Wm. Farrar: The sum of 500 pounds to pay for the education and to be the inheritance of my cousin John Garner, orphan, ward of William Farrar, Gent. 400 pounds being the balance owd my brother, Richard Garner, for the mill and land on Wenlock Edge and the farm of Acton Scott which was out mother's dowry. The third interest in the Lion (a carriage inn at Shrewsbury) was given me feely by my brother when he departed to Realm of England. Even so, for the love I bear my brother and cousin, I include 100 pounds to quit title to same. (Hen. Co. O. B. 1643-44, page 23)
In 1650 at the age of 17 John came to the County of Northumberland in the Colony of Virginia. Lewis Burwell was granted a tract of land in Northumberland for bringing 32 new colonists to the county among them John Garner. John settled west of Garner's Creek near the present site of Lewiseetta in 1660. Thi is near the mouth of the Coan River on a neck of land called Cherry Point (now Cowart' Point). Across Garner's Creek on the east was Cypress Farm, still extant today, was established in 1662 by Capt. John Rogers. Before his marriage in 1658 John had been named the assignee of Francis Roberts who in 1657 had bought 500 acres in the area that later became Stafford Co. The assignment was shared by Joseph Fielding, In 1663 these two men transferred their rights, titles and interest in this same land to John Garner, Jr. John Jr. was the infant son of John and Susanna. John Bailes, Jr. shared this land with John Jr.
On May 5, 1663 he was sworn in as Constable for Cherry Point Neck, VA. John & Susanna lived near the present village of Lewisetta on a neck of land called Cherry Point, now known as Cowart's Point. In 1667 a fort was being built on the Yeocomico river and the Association of Northumberland, Westmoreland and Stafford Counties ordered that a house be built for the workmen by John Garner and other assistants whom he shall select. About 1672 he moved to Westmoreland Co., near the present village of Kinsale, VA. In Oct. 1672 John and Susanna bought 100 acrs on the Yeocoico River from Nicholas Jenkins. John's buisness associates and friends in Northumberland and Westmoreland Co.s inluded Robert Francis, Joseph Fielding, Thomas Watson, Henry and Elizabeth Moseley and Robert Middleton. Jan 15, 1694 John Jenkins of Cople Parish sold to John and Vincent Garner 100 acres in Horne Point on Yeocomico River. It may be upon this very tract of land (between Kinsale and Hague) that a descendant of Vincent Garner built "China Hall" in the 1700s, still standing today. Its modern name is "Kirnan." Susanna Keene Garner:In 1659 Susanna's stepfather and guardian, Thomas Broughton gave her her share of her father's cattle, designating her by the name of Susanna Keene (North, R. B. 16, p. 30) By 1662 her mother's will mentioned her as the wife of John Garner and as having a daughter (North, R. B. 15, p. 92)

Thomas Garner (son of John): Thomas lived his entire life in the Stafford Co. area of VA. Stafford was formed from Westmoreland Co. He owned more than 2000 acres of land in the area of Tinpot and Licking Runs, he being the original grantee of certain parcels of land received from Lady Fairfax, sole proprietor of the Northern Neck. His will was dated June 8, 1726. A copy of the ill is stored with some litigation prpers in the basement of the Fauquier Co. Courthouse.

Parish Garner: For many years Parish & charles shared the land they inherited from their father without heed to boundaries but in 1759 they requested a survey and subdivision into two 400 acre plots, they land they inherited from Thomas Garner.
In May of 1764, Parish and Margaret Garner sold their 400 acres to Thomas Helm and moved to Orange Co, NC. Parish and Margaret moved to Orange Co. NC before 1790. They are listed i the 1790 Orange Co. Census. They lived about 18 miles from Hillsboro between 1764 and 1790. They owned about 400 acres of land on the Reedy Fork of the Haw River. They probably lived for a while in Southside Virginia, proably in Prince Edward Co., because Parish's son, Sturdy Garner claims in his application for a Rev. War pension that he "went home" to join the army his third term of service, mustering at Prince Edward Courthouse. There was a Garner family living in nearby Pittsylvania Co. in 1767; a Thomas and a James were listed as tithables in that year. Said to have fought in the Revolution in Capt. Samuel Tate's Co. - 7th Reg. KY - however this seems unlikely since he died in Orange Co. NC where he had moved ub 1764.

John Garner (son of Parish): The first record found o fJohn Garner is the 1782 Tax Record of Suorry Co. NC living next to the Davie Co. line in Capt. Wright's tax district, owning 200 acres of land on Dutchman's Chreek. He also owned 4 cows and 2 horses or mules. John Garner's name appears on several occasions between 1792 and 1812 in the early minute book of the Bear Creek Baptist church. The minutes for April 4, 1812 say that the Church "took up the case of Brother Garner by the testimony of five - he was found guilty (of too much drinking) and excluded from fellowship. The early records of Flat Rock Baptist Church also lists the names of John Garner as well as Jacob and Margaret Sigler as members.
NC Land Grant No. 1815 dated Dec. 5, 1798 to John Garner for 260 acres for 10 pounds per every 100 acres, on dry branch, beginning at a post oak in the Rowan Co. line near said branch agreeable to its meanders 20 chains to a black oak on said county line thence to the beginning (Book G. pages 190-91, Surry Co., NC) Deed dated Nov. 23 1799, Surry Co., (B-I,P 123) John Garner sold to William Garner 100 acres for $100 on Dutchman's Creek.
Deed dated May 23, 1800, Surry Co., (B-K, P 398) Henry Speer sold to Jon Garner 100 acres for 50 pounds on the waters of Duchman Creek, beginning at a white oak on his former line runs east 43 chains to a post oak, then South 23 chains to a pine, thence west 43 chains to a post oak on his line and Cains corner, thence North to the beginning, being part of a tract of 640 acres granted b the State to Henry Speer obtained as Entry 714.
Deed dated March 30, 1801, Rowan Co., NC (B 18, P 473) Thomas Edward Samuels and James Bracken sold to John Garner 60 acres for 100 pounds on Dutchman's Creek. Deed dated Sept. 1, 1802, Rowan Co., NC (B 18, P 473) John Garner sold to Conrad Groves 60 1/2 acres for 272 silver dollars on Dutchman Creek.
Deed dated Feb. 2, 1802 Rowan Co. NC (B 19, P 503) Lewis Hicks sold to John Garner 130 1/2 acres for $327.50 on Dutchman's Creek. After his mariage to Margaret Sigler he resided at the Siegler homestead, about 6 miles west of Courtney Baptist Church. He is buried in the Old Foote Graveyard.

William Garner: Will of William Garner

Nancy Garner: Birth, Marriage and Death Dates come from family records of Gerald K. Danner. Ann and Nancy may actually be the same person as Nancy was a nickname for Ann and no records about Ann, mentioned in William's will have been found.