War Gardens (WWI) Victory Gardens (WWII) Allotment Gardens

Strawbery Bank Victory Garden

Boston. Fenway Victory Garden. started 1942
Chicago. Rainbow Beach Community Gardens. started 1942
Minneapolis. Dowling Community Garden. started 1943
NB World War II Victory Garden
NH Strawbery Bank Victory Garden
NY Cornell Plantations. Itheca
WA Seattle
DC Smithsonian Victory Garden

The War Garden Victorious. Charles Lathrop Pack, by the National War Garden Commission. 1919
The Garden Magazine 1917
Victory Gardens Handbook of the Victory Garden Committee War Services, Pa State Council of Defense. 1944
Ministry of Agriculture Allotment and Garden Guides - 1945
Victory Gardens. 1942. Canada. pt. 1
Victory Gardens. 1942. Canada. pt. 2
Victory Garden seed collection
Victory Garden
Troy NY. Victory Garden's: a home front effort article
Hyde Park NY.
Victory Gardens scarecrows
Victory garden poster
Every Garden a munitions plant: war gardens in Ohio

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