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TACT Project

Thought in Action

TACT is a research project that is financed by the European Union's NEST-Adventure Program,              Edinburgh University
aiming at developing non-obtrusive, user-friendly technological aids and methods allowing the                   - Jon Delafield-Butt 

  extraction of more information from infant movement than is currently possible. TACT aims at                      - Jon D. Perkins
analyzing different goal-directed actions that are typically performed by infants, particularly 

actions with communicative content (gestures, gaze), using instrumented toys that are able to 
record movement parameters, as the baby plays with the toys, as well as sensors that allow the 
assessment of grip strength, and grasping patterns. In order to tap into the emotional world of the 
baby, some toys are engineered to respond to manipulation with sounds and melodies whose 
complexity depends on the complexity of movement. TACT also aims at developing novel 
systems to monitor complex communicative actions such as vocalization and gaze in infants in 
particular when engaged with their mother. Part of this research is being carried out at
Centre for Reproductive Health at the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh. Based in the Corstorphine 
Nursery researchers are running short recording sessions using specialist Qualysis motion 
capture and audio equipment to try and better understand the dynamics of these mother infant