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Celiac's Fun Page!

Celiac Disease is a genetic auto-immune disease. When the toxins wheat, barley or rye are ingested by the affected individual, the individual's body attacks the intestine and villi causing inflamation, many diseases, cancer, starvation, and death. More and more americans are finding out that their diabetes and irritable bowl syndrome is actually Celiac. Many other americans do not have symptoms at all. Don't ignore your body!! More info about Celiac at

Celiac FAQ's

Now that I got that out of the way... here I will have many links on the disease and places to eat and menus and everything!! I have a guestbook for anyone to give me suggestions about what to put on here or corrections. Maybe we can start a Frederick County Celiac Group!!

Fast Food Restaurants and GF Menus - If you have to eat out

Restaurants and GF Menus

Cool Celiac Links

Frederick County Maryland Celiac Club (for all ages) - just starting!

Thank you for checking out my website! For now, if you have any questions or have Celiac and live in the Frederick County Maryland area, please sign my guestbook !

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