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Basella alba L. Family Basellaceae

Other Names. Alugbati (Bisaya); Alugbati, libato, grana (Tagalog); Ilaibakir (Ilokano); Arogbati (Bicol); Dundula-sulu, malabor, nightshade, vine spinach (English).

Appearance. A succulent, branched, smooth, twining herbaceous vine. Stems are green or purplish. Leaves are succulent, ovate or heartshaped, stalked tapering to a pointed tip, and cordate at the base. Flowers are pink. Fruits are fleshy, stalkless, ovoid or nearly spherical and purple when mature. Propagated and grows easily by cuttings. When pruned, the plants grow more elegantly and remain short.

Internal use: Used as salad and for other food preparation as nutritive vegetable. Blanched leaves used as mild laxatives.

External use: Roots,stems and leaves used as poultice to reduce local swelling and give cooling effect on affected area.