Hilary Duff versus the Great May!

we all know hilary duff, and most guys seem to think she is quite the looker, but im here to show everyone that my buddy may is much better lookin than skanky hilary duff

this is may, the hottie who can kick hilary duffs ass in looks, attitude, and probly actually kick her ass....just look at her, would you be scared if you pissed her off?


this "celebrity" right here actually thinks she can go up against may in terms of beauty, attitude, and just plain damn sexyness. hilary duff couldnt flirt her way out of a paper bag....if i know may she could get out of the death penatly with how sweet and sasy she is ;)




well if all yall out there wont buy what I say about that sexy best known as may, why dont you take a look at some of these convos from aim and see what you say then!


here is one from the infamous mrbagel, check this out:

MeStiZa MaMi 06: do you like hilary duff?
MrBagel89: yeah but i dont have a "celeb crush" on her
MeStiZa MaMi 06: oh ok
MeStiZa MaMi 06: do you think she's hot?
MrBagel89: if she were president she'd be Baberaham Lincoln
MeStiZa MaMi 06: lol
MeStiZa MaMi 06: ugh
MeStiZa MaMi 06: every guy thinks she's hott... and it's getting on my nerves! lol because she's EVERYWHERE... i mean the lizzie mcguire show was cool, and her new song is kinda cool...
MrBagel89: no offense but that was kindof a stupid question to ask
MeStiZa MaMi 06: but i dunno... she's everywhere!!
MeStiZa MaMi 06: ugh
MrBagel89: yeah
MeStiZa MaMi 06: well im trying to find ONE GUY who doesn't think she's hotter than me
MeStiZa MaMi 06: lol
MrBagel89: i dunno about hillary duff anymore... ur pretty hot

well looks like its 1-0 in mays favor...

MeStiZa MaMi 06: do you think hilary duff is hot?
ZMasterSephiroth: ..................
ZMasterSephiroth: well
ZMasterSephiroth: in my opinion
ZMasterSephiroth: not at all
MeStiZa MaMi 06: really???
MeStiZa MaMi 06: YESSSS
ZMasterSephiroth: yeah :\
MeStiZa MaMi 06: !!!!!! :)

blah blah blah lets get to the good stuff!

MeStiZa MaMi 06: am i hotter than hilary duff? :(
MeStiZa MaMi 06: lol
MeStiZa MaMi 06: you dont hafta answer if you don't wanna tho lol
ZMasterSephiroth: holy crap yes
MeStiZa MaMi 06: for real?
MeStiZa MaMi 06: ur not just saying that?
ZMasterSephiroth: no, you are

BAM!! its now 2-0 for that oh so sexy girl we know as may

MeStiZa MaMi 06: heeey... do you like hilary duff?
sexytimmy07: um, sure
MeStiZa MaMi 06: you do?
MeStiZa MaMi 06: ugh
MeStiZa MaMi 06: well anyways
MeStiZa MaMi 06: and is she hotter than ME? :(
MeStiZa MaMi 06: ohhhh
MeStiZa MaMi 06: im 2 for 3 tonight lol
MeStiZa MaMi 06: 2 outta 3
MeStiZa MaMi 06: lol
sexytimmy07: i never said you werent hott, and i really dont care one or the other for her, shes neutral you could say
MeStiZa MaMi 06: but who's hotter
MeStiZa MaMi 06: me or hilary duff?
MeStiZa MaMi 06: lol jk
MeStiZa MaMi 06: u dont hafta answer
MeStiZa MaMi 06: lol
sexytimmy07: id have to go with you, she is probly very VERY stuck up, and that takes away many hottness points

well well well, looks like hilary duff is currently getting her ass kicked, just as i said

PIMPRBSTAR69: damn she is hot
PIMPRBSTAR69: you know her personally
sexytimmy07: tell me, is she hotter than hilary duff
PIMPRBSTAR69: IDK thats a hard one
sexytimmy07: come on dude, tell the truth
PIMPRBSTAR69: She is hotter

look at that! may didnt even have to ask the guy and he said she was hotter than hilary, 4-0 for may, you cant beat that easy

(this is the test, do not take this to be the final at all)