What If...
by Tracey Lynn Rose

There are ways I could have you,without a single word;
There are reasons I could give you,that wouldn't sound absurd.

There are times I could want you,that you will never feel;
There were moments you kiss me, but they aren't even real.

There are words I should write you,that never could explain-
There are actions that may hurt you,but you'd never show the pain.

There are nights I could touch you,that would end this ache inside,
There are feelings I should show you,where I wouldn't want to hide.

There are silences I could fill,and heartbeats you would hear;
There are shadows where I'd whisper -that, "love can conquer fear."

There are ways I could look at you,when my heart is there to see;
There are dreams I would give you...but they aren't meant to be.