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Hugh Gerald (Jerry)McGuire's Memorial Service

Hugh Gerald (Jerry) McGuire Memorial Website

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Jerry Will Be Greatly Missed...

By Joel Wishengrad

I just learned that H.G. (Jerry) McGuire, 83, had died on Friday, May 27, 2005. In my last call via telephone to Jerry, he was going to an event at the DNC National Headquarters in DC with a group of several Montgomery County Democrats.

Jerry was a pioneer. I met him six or seven years ago handing out Democratic literature. Patches, a paper mache donkey which he brought to stand with him in front of The White House to support President Bill Clinton in the depths of The Monica Lewinsky Affair. Jerry was not fazed by the Republican bashing. He detested the likes of Newt Gingrich, Bill Bennett and similar Republicans who moralized and then did the opposite, e.g., their Contract for America !!! (It is still running strong in the GW Bush Administration.)

I learned that Jerry had worked in Computer IT in its infancy, working in The House of Representatives. He had gone to college in Ohio with Arnold Speilberg, Steven's dad, and had stormed Germany with Patton's Army and opened up a concentration slave camp.

Jerry supported Holocaust education and causes. He worked with Bob Kunst and others again at Lafayette Park (The White House) on August 7, 1999 during an Anti-Nazi Protest Rally which was directed against Neo-Nazi's coming from South Carolina. Jerry and Bob were overwhelmed with the world media photographing them at a table along H Street, NW at Lafayette Park. Thirty-five thousand people gathered and Jerry was cool as a cucumber with all the activity around and on top of him.

While Jerry faithfully worked with his volunteer staff at the Mongomery County Democratic Headquarters in Kensington, MD, he returned many times to Washington, DC during the 2000 Presidential Election Stalemate to protest at The US Supreme Court and at The Vice President's Residence (The Naval Observatory) during the 2000 Presidential Election. Jerry would be sitting in a chair with his signs in cold weather and mad as hell as he related in a letter to The Raw website in February 2005. Jerry began with lets DEFEAT THE GOP!!! Bob, Jerry and Vladimir worked selling buttons and bumper stickers.

I spent time with Jerry at The Indian Springs Country Club in Silver Spring, MD on Election Night when Chris Van Hollen defeated Connie Morella. Though it was defeat at the National Level, Montgomery Country has a rising star with US Representative Chris Van Hollen. After Chris Van Hollen's second term win, we celebrated in Washington, DC at a gathering in the Rayburn Office Building... Jerry even shouted some remarks from the peanut gallery at that huge gathering.

While Jerry worked almost daily a MCDCC, I turned my attention to activist counter politics in Washington, DC.

It is quite a loss for such a determined and useful soul... I shall miss him ... but his dogged drive has driven me to continue in support of centralist Republicans and moderate Democrats.

This will be an unfortunate Memorial Day 2005, especially without Jerry!

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