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Timeless Journey


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Poem's by Jacqueline
The Journey
My Path
Many Long Years
How Many Times
My Prayer
The Tapestry
The Rose Without A Thorn
Happy New Year
My Place
Found Friendships
Perfect Strength
This Is Your Face, America
My Friend
Lady Liberty Wept
For Every Soldier
A Letter To My Son
His Promise
Friendship Is Precious
Thank You!
Special People
The Magic Of Forever
His Gift
Letter To Santa
A Soldiers Christmas
Christmas Dreams
Never Forget
Faithful Servant
Forever Friends
By Myself
To Live Here...In America
The Hero
Sharing Dreams
The Gift Of Prayer
Some People
Where the Eagle Flies
If I Can
Your Destiny
Only Grace
Our Future
I Remember Mother
Grandmother's Bible
Hello, Remember Me?
The Tea Set
The Anchor
Grandma's Prayers
United, We Will Stand
Brave New Spirit
America... Still Stands
A Promise To Remember
Heaven Holds A Part Of Me
A Hero's Soul
One Voice
Oh, God Bless America Again
Yes, I Miss Him
Friendship's Road
Simple Things
Gathered Together
My Liberty
A Christmas of Red, White & Blue
I'll Always Be Right There
What If?
True Friend
Have You Forgotten?
It's Not Easy
A Hero's Return
Praying Them Through
I Believe
Daddy's Girl
My Dad
My Dear Friend
Worth Fighting For
Just For Today
I Choose
No One Knows
Your Time On Earth
Forever Valentine
Lose My Way
What Is America To Me?
Before She Found Her Wings
Measure Of A Man
The Roses in My Garden
Making A Difference
Stepping Stones
Forever Heroes
A Life That Matters
Precious Kisses
Don't Look Back
There She Stands
The Family Reunion
Life's Tug Of War
Lifes A Miracle
My Christmas List
My Rose Colored Glasses
Goodbye, My Friend
Christmas Without Jesus
My Mother Kept A Garden