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102 reasons why we should be together


1. We love each other, plain and simple

2. We would have adorable kids

3. We both have cute butts, even though yours is better

4. We are one of those brother and sister couples that everyone thinks is cute. (whether you like it or not)

5. We both have seen every Harry Potter movie (almost)

6. We both are good kissers (but only when we kiss each other)

7. You’re just the right height for me

8. I have a car and you need a car and you’ll probably never buy one

9. We can be ourselves when we are with each other

10. We love each other even though we have our faults

11. We both know we can work anything out together

12. We don’t feel like this unless we’re together

13. You talk on the phone all the time and…..I have a phone

14. No matter what’s bothering us, holding each other makes everything better

15. We always know when something is bothering the other

16. My shoulder makes the perfect tissue when you are crying

17. When we are together, nothing else matters

18. We both really can’t do without each other

19. You don’t like the fat, but I do.

20. We don’t let each other give up

21. You get cold feet and hands, and I’m always hot, so I’ll keep you warm

22. You have enough personality for the both of us, (since I don’t have one)

23. You always remember were I leave stuff

24. We can hold each other for hours and still not be satisfied

25. We can squeeze each other until it hurts and still not be close enough

26. You can make chicken parmesan and I can make popcorn

27. I can do laundry and you can fold clothes

28. I need you, and whether or not you know it yet, you need me too

29. Even without the love we have, we could still be best friends

30. Because no one thought we’d last this long

31. Because no one thinks we’ll last forever

32. Because when I’m “with” you it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before

33. Because the bath tub is lonely without you.

34. Because there’s room for one more in my bed

35. Because I need someone to make sure I’m dressing ok

36. We can’t stop kissing each other, and every time we kiss is a time that I can’t say something stupid.

37. You like my friends and I know that if they are your friends, then I’ll like them

38. You don’t like beer, so there’s more for me

39. You can help me learn how to share by stealing my food

40. I remember our anniversary and you remember my birthday

41. When we kiss everything just feels right

42. Because I don’t leave the toilet seat up

43. Because you don’t like the crust, but I do

44. Because you need someone to stir up your salad

45. Because you need someone to cut up your steak

46. Because who else would you rather have making your drinks behind the bar

47. We need to watch Braveheart together

48. Because you swirl, and I like it

49. Because I haven’t totally satisfied you….yet.

50. Because you know how to play and cuddle with dogs, and I know how to clean up after them

51. Because you can see yourself with kids, and I can’t see myself without them

52. You always smell nice and you always remind me I need to shower

53. Because I know how to reset the clock on the VCR

54. Because we can go scuba diving once you learn how

55. Every part of my life from today until the end, has you in it.

56. My parents don’t want to take care of me for the rest of my life.

57. Because you can’t live with your parents for the rest of your life

58. Because you think blue eyes are better but still think mine are nice

59. The ten reasons you wrote on the shower

60. I can’t draw with bathtub crayons

61. I can’t paint that well

62. We finally trust each other

63.  We both have a bunch of guy friends

64. You don’t like hot showers, so our electric bill will be lower

65. I’m good at cutting my hair and you’re good at shaving the back of my neck

66. Because you do sweet things for me and I’m going to do sweet things for you

67. You may have to take physics and chemistry, classes I’ve taken several times

68. Because on a rainy day when you’re bored I’ll have hundreds of movies to pick from

69. Because my legs interlock perfect with yours when we lie together

70. Brian likes you, Brian doesn’t like anybody

71. We haven’t finished discussing kids names

72. You want to stay home and I want you to stay home

73. You love to sleep and I love to watch you while you sleep

74. You still need to learn how to drive my car

75. I still need to learn how to dance with you

76. You love wearing short skirts and I love it when you wear short skirts

77. There are so many things we haven’t done in the bedroom

78. There are so many things we haven’t done…period

79. I haven’t written you a song yet.

80. You need me to fix your computer, I need you to fix me

81. You know how to vacuum….I have a vacuum

82. This chapter of our lives isn’t over yet

83. My shoulder tastes good when you bite it

84. We can’t go more than a day without talking even if we try

85. You only have 180 episodes of Seinfeld left to watch

86. I only have 63 episodes of the O.C. left to watch

87. I already know all about your girl stuff

88. There’s still strawberry flavored motion lotion left

89. You love massages, I love giving massages

90. If I was paralyzed you’d feed, bathe, love, kiss me and watch movies with me

91. We already know what we are getting each other for Christmas

92. I’m finally starting to figure out how to crack your back

93. It is never just sex

94. There are so many movies we haven’t seen together

95. There are so many restaurants we haven’t eaten at together

96. I haven’t taken you to the melting pot yet

97. I’m tired of crying

98. Because we both will never break a promise

99. We are like magnets, if we are in the same room we have to be touching each other

100. We love each other, plain and simple (it was worth mentioning twice)

101. You need to teach me how to make bubble letters

102. I love you more than life itself.  I’m ready to show you.

I’m willing to prove it to you.  I want to show you the world in a way you’ve never seen it.

I want you to live your life with me.  I want to walk next to you, hand in hand, and never let go,

and when things get hard for you, I’ll pick you up and carry you,

and when things get hard for me you can pick me up and carry me,

and when we are both down, we’ll close our eyes and hold each other until it’s over

and when we wake up on the other side everything will be ok.