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The HarmonicSoul Story

Herein lies the tales of how HarmonicSoul came to be; the rise, the sudden fall, and dramatic re-birth and current status. Read with an open mind and heart, and just perhaps you might enjoy.

Scott and Bryan

It started when Scott and Bryan were in middle school. They both went to Chesapeake Bay Middle School, where they met. Soon they had become great friends, to include hanging outside of school. They both played guitar, while Scott had been playing longer, Bryan had only been playing a short while yet was getting exponentially better.

While not a formal band, Scott and Bryan kept playing for 2 years untill they got to high school, which is where the story continues. Keep in mind that Scott had been in chorus since little as well, and when the time came to make the leap to Chesapeake Senior High School, Scott again enrolled in the vocal music program. This is where he met Davey.



To start off, Davey is the oldest of the group, 3 years senior of Scott and Bryan. When in 3rd grade he began to play violin in school. From there, he finished teachin himself to play violin, guitar, piano and a little bit of bass guitar, and several others. He began singing after encouragement from his churches' choir director. In school, he played violin in his school's orchestra, straight on up to 12th grade.

In the tail end of his 11th grade year, Davey was in an English class with a girl of no importance, when he heard an announcement stating the tryouts for a prestigious vocal group at Chesapeake Senior High School. After encouragement from said strumpet, Davey tried out and won a slot as a Bass in the Vocal Ensemble. Since schedules had yet to be made for his final year, he selected to join the Chorus as well.

The stage had been set, for Davey's 12th grade year was to be Scott and Bryans 9th grade year.

Scott and Davey

Ironically enough, while being in a class together for 1 1/2 months, they never even knew each other. Least not until the chorus had their annual car wash. Whilst washing a big black truck, Scott started singing a song from chorus, and Davey joined in, and they became friends quite quickly by the end of the wash.

However, it wouldn't be untill later when Theatre season was in that they would learn the full musical potentials of their new found friend. During breaks, Scott would go into the orchestra room and pull out a guitar and attempt to woo several of the Drama Girls. Davey soon found this out and would take another of the guitars and try to play along, however he wasn't nearly as advanced on the guitar as Scott. So he reverted back to what he did in his former band; play the bass line. So thus it was that Scott and Davey played during all breaks from rehursal.

Soon the Theatre productions were over, and Christmas Time was approaching. Scott was having a party and invited both Bryan and Davey. Davey showed up before Bryan, and as usual, Scott and Davey played guitar for those in attendance. Bryan showed up later, and Scott introduced Davey to him as being the greatest guitarist that Scott knew. As the group of partiers dwindled, Bryan, Scott and Davey began to play together.

That was the first of many times to play together. Davey eventually purchased a Bass Guitar. While Davey and Scott played in a small three person band with one of Scott's girlfriends, after Scott wrote a song, and Davey sang some harmonies and added a bassline, it was clear that they were a songwriting match. From that point, the jam sessions got more frequent. It was also apparant from that point on that a band was to be made, it then was a quaint trio of Bryan, Scott and Davey.

While things were going good, another very key position was vacant and was in need of filling; a drummer. While all this time; just over a year had passed, Davey had graduated, Scott had joined Vocal Ensemble (VE) and while Bryan and Scott moved into 10th grade, another person moved into 9th grade, and the eyes of a looking band in the making; Andrew.


Andrew began playing drums by participating in the school band. While not fully satisfied, he requested a drumset for Christmas one year. He got a drumset and began to upgrade it piece by piece, and at the same time getting better and better. When transitioning to High School, it was made known to the choral director that Andrew was a drummer, and while VE was in need of a drummer, the job was open and gracefully accepted.

Andrew, Scott, Bryan and Davey

One night, while in the process of trying to figure out a drummer solution, Scott mentioned that they had a new drummer in VE, a young chap by the name of Andrew. Thus, the decision was made to invite him to a jam session to see if he wanted to be in the band. So after a nice long session, it was decided that a band had been formed. There was however, no name yet.

Now Davey was also a volunteer firefighter at his local fire department, and that fire department just happened to be holding a carnival that was in need of some live entertainment. Davey brought this to the attention of the newly formed band, and yet another decision was made; another bass player, that is another friend from school, was to be brought in so that Davey could play keyboards, and they would go on and play at the carnival. His name was Chris, and he had been playing bass guitar for quite a long time.

West Bay Sound Factory?

The carnival gig started with a bang, and ran quite smoothly throughout the entire set. Playing several songs that many people know, from The Beatles , to Jimi Hendrix , to newer bands such as Semisonic to finally end with "Freebird" by Lynard Skynard and so on; original songs written by Scott, Davey and Bryan were finally introduced to the first crowd not made entirely of relatives and friends. Make no mistake about it, at the end of the show, there were several of our friends there requesting autographs from the entire band. Andrew was ever so eager to lend some drumsticks to the cause.

However there were some glitches in the harmonic heartbeat of the band that great night. While the guitar work of Bryan and Scott was melodic, and hypnotizing, the vocal one-ness of Scott and Davey bouncy and angelic, and the added keyboard parts by Davey were enchanting, the bassist was almost completley off. As in offbeat most of the time, and sometimes even not even hitting the correct bassline. It wouldn't have been so dreadful if it was just the bass, but because the bass was off, so was Andrew on the Drums. See, the bass guitar plays a key and vital role in a band, in that it provides the link between the percussion/beat, and the guitars. Thus if the bass is off, so will be the drums.

So the show ended, and everyone was in great moods and feeling good. However, there was that ominuously dark cloud lurking in the minds of Davey, Andrew, Scott and Bryan; something was just not right.

Practice in the "No-No Room"

A few days after the carnival, and everyones spirits were still soaring high. So still feeling the good vibes, Scott, Davey and Bryan met up at Andrews house with guitars and amps, and Davey brought his bass guitar and amp. In a little room that was unfinished spare the carpeted floor, Andrews' drum kit was setup in this approximately 10'x10' room. Needless to say given the cynder block walls, it was very loud... amongst other things.

One of the things learned right off the bat, was the fact that while decided what song to jam to next, there was never a fight. One person would suggest a song, and it would simply be played, and so on and so on. However, the biggest awakening was that Davey was better then Chris on bass. Better in the sense that Davey kept the two guitars tied to the drums, kept a constant beat, and kept to the bass root notes, and still was able to add onto the root to incorporate a bass line.

This is made most distinct in "Humble Servant" with his running bassline. While being able to finally hold Scott with Andrew, Bryan was finally able to freely solo, without having to worry about having to stay with the rest of the band; moreso the band was able to keep with him as it should be. This all is not to say that Chris was bad at all; moreso that perhaps the chemistry between the four was too much to deny. A decision was made right then and there that two things must be tossed out of the window; the former bassist, and the former title.

Bryans' Surprise Birthday Party; and O'Marleys, Headlining HarmonicSoul , from Davey's point of view.

Finally afer a few more practices, jam sessions, and of course awesome moments of song writing genius; Scotts' family went on their annual summer holiday to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. This year however, Bryan went as well. Bryans' mom ,Mrs. Peg, had the idea of having a surprise birthday party for Bryan, and had contacted Scotts' dad, Mr. Bob. So the party was setup to be for on the day that Bryan, Scott and his family returned from Myrtle Beach; and it was to be held in Scott's back yard.

Mrs. Peg also talked to Bryans' dad about the party and they both decided to go all out. We're talking pit beef, rented porta-john, etc. They also wanted to hire a live band; so they conctacted Davey, Andrew and Scott to see if they wanted to play at Bryan's party. Very obviously everyone was eager to play, so the deal was done; and a new name was made for the band. Scott had been having the name "HarmonicSoul" floating around in his head; everyone in the band liked it, and thus it stuck for the day.

So the day had come, it was a Sunday, and Dave and Andrew were already there, and Bryan, Scott and his family got home. It was a great time, and everything was going good, and Andrew, Scott, Bryan and Davey had all gotten into Scotts' swimming pool when Bryan had said that his cousin Jenny was there. Jenny was a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens football team, and had a lot of connections locally because of it.

Shortly after finding out that Bryan's cousin was there, she came over to the pool to say goodbye, because she was going to go to a local bar named O'Marleys. It was then suggested that perhaps the band attempt playing there to try and get a start. Jenny called the owner of the bar, and the owner agreed to allow us to play for free as a make-shift "audition" to see how good we were. Jenny came back over to the pool and informed us that we could play at O'Marleys that night for free and told us the circumstances behind it. The band quickly agreed and started drying off, and then began to load all of the equipment into Mr. Toms' (Bryan's Dad) cargo van.

When we arrived at O'Marleys, the place was nearly empty. It was a Sunday night, and there was a football going on, and it was during the summer. A.K.A., there were a few people outside, and a few crowded against the tv screens up at the bar, and a few people at the tables having dinner. We set up quickly and got everything into position. It was determined that the song "Johnny B. Goode" was to be the opening song, and away we went.

Soon there were people being drawn away from the game up at the bar, and some were being drawn away from outside, and began to dance to our music. As the night drew on, more people actually started showing up, and it was later said that there had never been that many people there on a Sunday night in the middle of the summer season. But we had also concieved a play right from the beginning there, after a few cover songs to get the crowd to notice us, we would play an original; and it worked. Fully aware that the band was having a great time just being able to play for a crowd, Jenny started passing around an empty beer pitcher, and started to collect some change and cash; our first earnings.

We collected about $100 that night thanks to Jenny passing that jar around. Alas, it was late and we finished with "Freebird"; and we were nearly finished packing up and leaving when Jenny came back over to us with a huge smile on her face. She told us that she had just talked to the owner of the bar, and that he had agreed to allow HarmonicSoul to come back sometime for a sum of a few hundred dollars, because he thought that the band rocked.

Ecstatic, the band returned to Scotts' house where the equipment was unloaded and the money was divided out, and a small sum was even given to Jenny for getting the money for us in the first place.