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Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire. This site has been set up for the use of cs1102 in ucc. Here I will review how I found Angelfire to use. The First thing that I found about Angelfire, was that it was one the more user friendly sites to use and when it came to the building of the web site I found it easy to use and informatitive. The Editor used in Angelfire is a very stright forward thempleted system and over all was very easy to use. The only fault that I could find was that learning to start the editor was a little strange. As for online shopping, this site supports all forms of online shopping and for the more expensive type of hosting this becomes very east to do.When the Anglefire site was put through the Dr Watson programme we got some very interesting results. First the down load speed of the web site is 25.67 @ 56k so this means that it is quite slow. There also seems to be a lot of html errors which is a little worring. Ther is a good Meta tag which means that this site will work well with most web serach engines.Overall the verdit from Dr.Watson is that this is a good web site.As for hosting I found that this was a very good site except for the length of the web address that I was given. Overall I would give this company 3.5/5