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The tension can be cut with a knife; the blood is starting to rise; whatever cliche you can name to describe the state of affairs in NOW, they apply. In less than 24 hours, many feuds will be ended, and scores settled. Perhaps the most intruiging of them all is Scott Evans and Nathan Cool. Two living legends, once stablemates a week ago, bitter enemies now. It isn't often that two men can despise each other this much; even in title match situations. For this match is about pride, honor, and legacy. Which man will prevail? The first ever world champion, or the first ever grand slam champion? We shall soon find out...

( The scene opens up backstage at Destruction in the Phillips Arena. We have already seen numerous interviews staged here already. The place is already buzzing with anticipation. Some fans have gained backstage access, employees are setting things up, and wrestlers are occasionally seen roving back and forth. The cameraman focuses in on one man in particular, Scott Evans, as he rounds the bend. Evans is wearing casual attire, and is carrying a large luggage back. At the same time, a female fan, kindly classified as a "freak" by some, bumps into Evans. She is wearing black clothes, heavy black makeup, and has spiked red hair. She is carrying a lawn gnome. )

Scott Evans - Watch out the...whoa SHIT!

Fan - Scott...Scott, um, can you --

What the f*ck happened to you?

Sign my lawn gnome please!!!!

Sign your...

My gnomey!

F*ckin Coal...damn, I almost forgot about that bastard.

( Evans looks away in thought as he reaches in his pocket for a pen. When he turns around, the fan has pulled down her pants, showing Evans a full moon. Evans turns around and drops his bag in shock, stumbling back. )

Sign my ass at least?

What the HELL?!?!?!

My girlfriend will love it!

What the f*ck is up there???

( Evans puts his hands in front of his eyes and turns away. The fan pulls her pants up in disgust and talks to her gnome. )

Come on, Gnomey Junior. Mr. Evans here didn't care about Coal saving his ass, and he obviously doesn't care about mine! Let's go!

( As the fan storms off, Evans looks away in shock and disdain. He then turns to see the cameraman running up to him. He sighs as the cameraman begins to speak. )

Cameraman - Scott Evans, you have just been mooned by a freak! How did it feel?


The royal pud didn't become hardened did it?

What the f*ck?!?!?!

How does it feel to treat Coal and Coal's fan's like shit? Coal, the very one that SAVED your ass from destruction a few days--

Coal didn't save my ass from shit. And about that fan, I'm not the one going around to people exposing my rusty sherriff's badge.

Well I guess the fans are starting to strike back.

( Evans shakes his head in anger and continues on. The cameraman follows alongside him as he walks through the hallways, searching for his locker room. )

I guess it's alright, though. I mean let's face it, you have to focus all your attention to Mr. Cool. You've definitely got your hands full.

( Evans stops, drops his bag, and then shoves the cameraman into the wall. He glares at him as the cameraman squirms under Evans' grip. )

You are the one with your hands full, you scroungy little f*ck, by intentionally pissing me off. You know I've been putting up with a lot of bullshit over the last week, and I don't need you to compound it!

( Letting the cameraman go, Evans grabs his bag and continues down the hallway. The cameraman quickly regains his composure and once again follows alongside him. )

My hands full with Nathan Cool, ha! Nathan Cool was once a great wrestler, and is a hell of a competitor, but that doesn't put him in Scott Evans' league. Especially not after the shit he has tried to pull the last few days. Trying to squirm away from Scott Evans with all this outside crap, a three way dance, trying to involve Surge. If I wasn't fired up before, I sure as hell am now.

( With that, Evans walks up to the Team Richmond locker room. He opens the door, walks in, and sees Colossus lounging on the sofa watching the television. He throws his bag into the T.V. )

Get the F*CK outta here!

Colossus - Alright, you little b*tch. I'll let you smack your damn pud in privacy.

You better chill with that shit Colossus.

( Evans turns an icy glare on Colossus as he casually gets up and walks out. Colossus mutters under his breath as he slams the door shut, leaving the cameraman and Evans in the room. Evans takes a seat in a chair as the cameraman stands in the corner. )

I swear...

So as we were saying, about Nathan Cool.

Yea, Nathan Cool. Nathan, Nathan, Nathan. What a difference one week can make! You can go engaged to divorced, Pepsi to Coke, and in our case, partners to rivals. But then again, we were never parters, stablemates, or even friends to begin with, were we? It's just you, your lackey Briggsy, and the rest of the world can piss off. And as we have gone over a lot recently, that worked out for you! The grand slam, yada yada yada. Well, in just a matter of hours, your whole world is going to be turned upside down. You've done battle with older NoW greats, such as Tyr, Stardust, and others, hell it doesn't matter. The fact is, you have never faced someone like me. Nathan, it's always nice to have ambition, but you've bit off far more than you can chew.

In a week of time, we have gone from men on a mission to take out one of NoW's biggest plagues, being men on a mission to take out each other. That's nothing compared to the swing your life and career will take in the matter of several minutes at Destruction. You will walk into that ring as a living legend, one of the most feared wrestlers ever, an icon, a GOD! And when you walk out of that ring, if you are able to, you will just be a mere memory, a faded shadow of what was, and you sure as F*CK won't be an icon anymore. I'm tired of people talking about Nathan Cool, about how great he was. I'm tired of people doubting Scott Evans, and what he can still do. And more than everything else, I'm tired of all your shit. Stabbing me in the back, trying to turn our match into a joke, running on and on with your mouth.

I'm through with talking about what's going to happen to you. The time for talkin the shit is almost over, and pretty soon it will be time. I've been waiting for this moment all week...just sitting around, thinking about the downfall of Nathan Cool. I can't help but smile when I picture you on the canvas, that cockiness of yours vanishing as you realize who the better man was all along. I know what fame is all about, Nathan. I've been there, just like you have. I don't know what it feels like to be at the bottom of the barrel...and I don't intend on being there for a while. After Destruction, Nathan, if you want to be at the top of the ladder'll have to start from the bottom rung again.

Yes but there are still more questions to be--

( The cameraman's speech is interrupted by the ring of Scott Evans' cell phone. Evans curses as he reaches into his pocket and takes it out. He angrily presses a button and puts the phone up to his ear. )


... Annie? Who the hell is Annie? Who is this? ...

... The bus, wha, what bus? I'm Scott Evans not Anna or whatever. What the hell are you doing calling me?! ...

( Evans looks around the room with an extremely agitated look on his face. Between his speaking, the frantic voice of a female can be heard on the other line. )

... Look if you are...what the hell are you doing at Mr. Richmond's house? ...

... Orange? What the HELL? How did you get my number you psychotic freak?!?!?! ...

... Are you that f*ckin gothic nutcase that just mooned me? Because if you are, I swear ...

... Alright, tha, that's it! I've had enough of this shit! LEAVE ME THE F*CK ALONE!!!!!

( Evans screams obscenities into his phone and then throws it into the wall, shattering it. )


What the hell was that?

Lexxy Drivel or whatever...that damn freak that is stalking the Prez.


Who gives a damn.

Why would she be calling you?

The hell if I know. What a f*cking day...

So anyway, back to the topic at hand. Do you think you and Coal can forge a--

Look, I don't care about Coal. I don't care about you or your damn questions. I only care about taking out Nathan Cool, with or without that gnome loving bastard. I need to relax for maybe just one minute...this interview is over. Get outta here...

( With that, Evans shoves the cameraman out of the locker room, and slams the door shut. We fade to black...)