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Test Drive

On my 13 birthday insted of presents (except for socks and underware) i was given a crisp 100 dollar bill .So off to Babbages i went and i walked out with a big bag of games and about 12 bucks left. This was one of the games i got. I loved playing racing games and when i saw this one i had to get it jst from the screen shots on the box. Back then it was almost always true that "If it looked good it was" and this was no exception . I took it home and loaded it up ...and the front screen came up and i heard that famous line "Accolade Presents" and i was so stoked cause you could really unerstand what he said. Which was a first because all the other games that tried it did a bad job . Although "Impossible Mission" sounded great to. Ok now on to the game ... The story is simple you pick a car and drive up a mountain . It offers 5 differnt cars , and gives stats for each car . Plus its really cool after you pick a car the guy opens the window and looks at you before driving off. There are cars and trucks to dodge as well as police to out run . When you get to the end of each stage it give you driving stats. One of the first real driving sims in my opinion. A must for any racing fan.