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Empire Deluxe and ComT Files

This is where you will find all the files needed to play ED , also i have put some of my favorite old school wargames on here as well . These games are made for the hardcore wargamer , lots of stats and bunches of tactical aspects to explore . Some are eaiser then others . Some are just good timewasters. I hope you enjoy these . I will be putting more games up when i have more time.


ED Files for download
Empire DeluxeFile Type - .ZIPVersion - 3.11b# of Files In .ZIP - 2
ComTFile Type - .ZIPVersion - 1.10 # of Files in .ZIP - 1
Upgrade 3.11 to 3.11bFile Type - Version- 3.11b # of Files in .ZIP - 1
EDlookFile Type - .ZIPVersion - 1.10 # of Files in .ZIP - 1


Files for download
Civilwar BattlesetInfo Size -750kbYear - 1998
SSI's GettysburgManual Size -168kbYear - 1985
SSI's Rebel Charge At ChickaManual Size -106kbYear - 1985
Sons of LibertyManual Size -126kbYear - 1986
DragoonInfo Size -2.2 MegsYear - 1998
Star Trek 25thInfo Size -4.2 MegsYear - 1996

C64 Games for Download

These are some of my fav C=64 games and some others the people have been raving about for years. I used WinVice 1.8 to emulate these . You can use whichever you like.

NameTypeEmulatorGenreFile TypeSize
Roadwar 2000.D64VICERPG.ZIP39kb
Gemstone Warrior.D64VICEAct-Adv.ZIP174kb
B1-Bomber game.T64VICEStrat.ZIP6kb
Battle For Normandy.D64VICEStrat.ZIP30kb
Test Drive.D64VICERacing.ZIP191kb

I have 2 differnt e-mail the first is my aol and the second is from a website that deals with Current and Hstorcial war. I will be having a weekly coloum on this site . Its called Operation Enduring Freedom.