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Roadwar 2000

This is one of my all time favs. i must have played this for years. Story is this : Earth gets nuked , you survive , and must play "Mad Max" to continue to survive. You drive from city to city looting for supplies,people and vehicles. You can even run rival gangs from the cities and take control of them. There are about 20+ vehicles to salvage , from motorcycles to 18-wheelers. Upgrades are also avalible for your cars. IE: Brake shops , Steel factorys , Snow tires so on and so forth. There are about 15 differnt foot gangs littered all over the country. Some are easy to '86 like the "Needy" or "Armed Rabble" but others can be tough like "The Mob" and "Invaders". There is also a bunch of differnt Road gangs to battle with, about 20+. Combat can be computer controlled or you can take it into your own hands. Road combat can sometimes be long if you take control,but you have to (at least a few times) because thats the only way to increase the max. number of vehicles you can own. Plus it makes it a bit eaiser to beat bigger and badder gangs if you control it yourself. If you are a fan of post-nuke stories or RPG's that are a bit differnt. This one is for you. ON ANOTHER NOTE : This is the ORG. C=64 version which contained a bug or 2 . Nothing you cant get around. First one is when going from east coast to west Vice-Versa sometimes it crashes so SAVE OFTEN . Second one is at least i think its a bug . If the GOV havent contacted you after about a year or so. It might not happen at all . My Father and i played forever and never finished. But when i played it again they contacted me right away. So im not sure if it's a bug.