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Now me personally i don't like random maps. They seem to have too much water and the random aspect of the map deminishes your chances of any implemented tactics to be supremly effective. I prefer Large Maps Based on certain battles in history. This way you could (if you wanted to) to use certain aspects of each commanders orders or switch to your own. To see how differnt Plans would affect the overall outcome . Here are a few of my Fav. Secnarios each based on differnt times in history. 80% of these maps are BIG!! some of them are HUGE!!! I think that the more "Addicted" players will enjoy these.. Players new to the game should try some smaller maps or a few random maps before you commit to a Epic-scale map

In the Near futre i will start adding maps for the NEW ED Edition, also a few more smaller maps , some more user-created maps , and more tourney maps. To download a Secnario just click on the little folder. I hope you enjoy these ..If you have some of your favs. or some that you created feel free to send them to me and i will post them on the site.

Historcial Secnarios
Name# of PlayersMap SizeWorld WrapFile TypeSize
Revolutionary war440x50no.ZIP4k
Eastern Europe - 1942468x67N.ZIP7kb
June 25 - July 7 18622100x100N.ZIP7kb
D-Day June 6 19442150x200N.ZIP23kb
The Eurasian war 1942572x160Y.ZIP15kb
Napoleon April 1 18052 to 672x160Y.ZIP11kb
Korea June 25 1950265x34n.ZIP5kb
Greeks -vs- Turks2150x200N.ZIP21kb
Macedon -vs- Persia 334 bc3102x140N.ZIP13kb
Mongol -vs- Japan -vs- China3150x200N.ZIP20kb
Iran -vs- Saudi2150x200N.ZIP19kb
Israeli -vs- Lebanese260x65N.ZIP5kb
Bay of Pigs - April 1960260x75N.ZIP5kb
Stalingrad - Nov. 1942up to 6150x200N.ZIP25kb

Fictional Secnarios
Name# of PlayersMap SizeWorld WrapFile TypeSize
Four Quad2100x100n.Zip8kb
Middle East6150x200N.ZIP5kb

Tournament Secnarios
Name# of PlayersMap SizeWorld WrapFile TypeSize
1999-2000 Tourney 460x80y.ZIP6kb
1999-2000 tourney460x80Y.ZIP6kb