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I'm looking for a song to sing...

 Crystal Reflection 
As I stare into the crystal water
I see a reflection of the face I once was
A face that seems lost amidst the water
Knowing there may be way out 
But never able to reach the air
I see her smile slip away
Her eyes gazing into the distance
As her face fades away
A light begins to take her place
I smile and look up
Breathing in the sweet air
Beggining a new life
But remembering the old 

I hide it though no one asks
I deny it for one more lie
I doubt it to surpass the truth
I dare not speak it though it must be said
I tried to fight it though I am losing
I locked it away though the lock was broken
For my feelings are honest
And my heart is sincere
For the truth cannot be contained
To the corner of my mind

 Our Sweetest Conversations 
The sweetest conversations
Are the ones that reamin in silence
For the sound of your breath
The beating of your heart
And the comfort of your warmth
Are enough to scream the loudest sentences

 The Little Moments 
The little moments
Are the ones I hold dear
For the year so long
But with little fear
I go through life
Looking out into the window
Feeling the memories
Of your gentle words
Knowing I am safe
Telling I am loved

No one knows what our future holds
For things may come and go
Your love is the only thing that I know
That the future could never lose
For life is short
And time so small
But I feel I am not alone
For no one knows what the future hold
Except for me and you

An interpretation is that of one man's mind
Though never fully developed, is stored deep in the soul
As people trample on this deep though
The man's mind follow that of the destroyer
For the man's courage can be taken
His soul and life be stolen
And his identity never to be returned