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The Youth Rebellion

in the Maryland and DC Area

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Mission Statement To open teh eyes of the youth to injustice and ignorance. To band together to form a stronger opinion. To do something about teh stupid rulez that we never had no say in.

Who Should Be Here? Any youth or persons who believe they're youths who believe he or she is being treated unfair, and wants a say in the way they live. After all it's your life. This is America. Join the land of the free!

I created this site to free the youth of America. Every youth who wants to wear what they want, how they want, listen to what they want, look at what they want,play the games that they want, or just not be thought of as some dumb kid by every adult, this site's for U! Help stop content control in school computers, dress codes, curfews and anyhting else that obstructs our freedom!

Inspired By: Anarchy Youth