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Black and Decker RTX

"Here's what it looks like in the box."

"Here's what it looks like out of the box."

It's easy to hold in one hand, but I usually guide the drill with two hands for better control. People are usually surprised to hear that my RTX cuts into the stone so well, but despite its small size, it has plenty of power and speed.
Is 30,000 rpm. enough for you? It turns even the hardest of marble into marble dust.

Speaking of dust, let me tell you about my studio. IT IS DUSTY !!!

Sorry to shout it, but I want you to know that a marble sculpting workshop is not very glamorous. The dust is everywhere, and can be very destructive to any kind of electric tool. I've had very good luck with the RTX. I try to keep the dust away from my tools with an exhaust fan, but it is near impossible.

Also, this is a reasonably priced tool. It doesn't take much money to get started creating your kind of art.