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In 1998 I was on a nature hike in a local woods. There was an abandoned shack with junk cars and rusty farm equipment all around it. A sense of curiosity led me to look around for artifacts etc. There were piles of bricks and old cinder blocks, rotten wood and (guess what?)marble blocks all over the place. At that moment, I had an epiphany, I felt as though those marble blocks were put there for me.I would become a marble sculptor! Never in my life had I experienced a feeling like this - like a calling.

My art arises out of an instinctive attraction to stone. I am drawn to it. Not everone has the passion to work with it as I do. It is my wish to express ideas and durable statements through it. Each sculpture must arise from a true idea or emotion, conscious or otherwise. I enjoy forms and shapes found in nature, but I am especially preoccupied with the idea of the PEA POD. To me it is both a masculine and feminine form. My fascination arizes from the following basic question. When you open up the shell, what will be inside? Even ordinary peas are a miracle, to my way of thinking, but what if something even more fantastic was found inside? The question has many layers, but I have adopted this shape as a symbol for my life's journey.

What is inside each of us?

Some people might think " I've got a lot of nerve ", becoming a marble sculptor and talking about creating huge pea pod sculptures. The audacity is part of my attraction to it. Honestly, who becomes a marble sculptor? And why? It is my opinion that my work has a chance to inspire others because of that audacity - if I can become a marble sculptor, perhaps another person will have a bit more courage to explore their own dream.

I want people to love the story behind my art because it is their story too. We each have the opportunity, a choice - to create, to express ourselves, to believe in ourselves, or not. When we are able to accept and love ourselves and the art that we create, then we will be living a more fulfilled life. Sometimes it takes courage to be alive, but when you reach out to others and find the love, support and community that is part of the human condition, then you can open yourself up to the bigger picture. We are, each one, a miracle.