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Refuge Legume

In our desert southwest, you might find an owl burrowed into the side of a great saguaro or organ pipe cactus. The cactus provides a safe shelter from preditors due to it's many sharp spines. This particular owl has nestled itself perfectly into the opening of a marble pea pod. But how is it safe from preditors you might wonder? Perhaps the stone has the ability to protect it from the elements. The peace and tranquility of the moment is locked in time and space forever. Years from now, the owl will be unchanged - peering out of his noble pea pod into the changing night.

On May 2, 2001 this sculpture was presented as a gift to Ed and Tom - the owners of Helen's Garden, a fine restaurant in Canton here in Baltimore. They have given me alot of encouragement and support in my sculpting endeavor. They actually think my work is good enough to display in their very fine restaurant. They have created an absolutely wonderful space to serve their fantastic cuisine. The place has the warmth of a very stylish apartment that keeps on going as you move throughout the many charming rooms. It's a great place for friends to meet and eat - the food is simply delicious. If you ask me - They are the artists! The building itself is very interesting, with a foundation of old brick walls which is tastefully accented with modern art and accents. Its a wonderful place and all of their staff make you feel right at home. Thanks Ed and Tom...

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