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Gregor's Peas Have Had Enough

Has the Pea Pod put up a brick wall to prevent us from understanding the secrets within? Perhaps the brick wall represnts those many hurdles and obstacles which scientists around the world must conquer to unravel the mysteries within a single cell. Is it trying to resist our attempts to "crack the code"? To prevent us from patenting it's genes? I feel the sculptor has a unique opportunity to create a new real world for the viewer to consider.
My dream is to create a series of perhaps six to eight of these forms - each one six feet tall. Can you imagine an entrance to the Biomedical Research Park lined with these elegant Pea Pod sculptures. Each one would have a bit more of the brick wall removed, revealing inside - a double heilix. Another symbol of the foundation of life.
Click here for a closer look.
Height = 40", Width = 8"