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Here are some examples of my first attempts to etch glass with the diamond burs. I used a 2 mm bit and each piece took about ten minutes to cut into the glass. I simply used some masking tape to hold the picture steady inside the glass and ran my Dremel tool at a low speed. As I cut the image into the glass, it "floats" 1/4 inch above the picture inside the glass. It's not the easiest thing I've ever tried, but it is fun and fairly rewarding. It also requires a very steady hand - something I am developing from my marble work...Thanks for your interest...Want to try it for yourself ? Drop me a line and I will set you up!

One day I hope to carve a coral reef scene into a glass door or window...

This is a specimen jar that I brought home from the hospital. I've etched an M.C. Escher drawing of a curious crawly thing onto it with a 2 millimeter diamond bur. I'm hoping that it will give the coffee beans inside of it some extra flavour...Yum.