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Graduation  Pictures



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Maria Criselda Romero Altura 

"Nakita mo ba si ___?" This funny, impulsive girl laughs at anything. Has the craziest ideas- "Let's go to Quiapo", fortune-telling and orasyon. Looks suplada but is sweet and friendly. Incapable of raising her voice. Bio-42- "Tayong lima na lang nga!" Soft-spoken- "Huh?" Classic- "I'm NOT paranoid." Always missing or lost. Falls too much- "Display time!" Grabe, goes crazy wild when she's happy! Thoughtful, insightful. Be reminded that not everything is what it seems. Take care of yourself.

(1) Societas Vitae


Karen Anne Ringor Balana 

"Nandoon...?" Kwentong umaabot ng ilang oras, major organizer of BIO-42 gimmicks. Colorful, rich in calcium, featherweight...but eats a lot! A keeper of secrets and a lover of anything associated with hearts (loveless?!), this girl is a natural born artist. A good friend to everyone, she's always there when you need her. For all that she is, Karen's one blazin' gal who's really thoughtful and as sweet as chocolate (mousse...hmmm!).

(1-Asst. Membership Head,3) Societas Vitae, (3-VP 
Documentation) SC-BC, SC-CAS



Maria Ana Esperanza Rodriguez Bernabe 

Booman, Anaboo, Nana, Kanaboo. Super friendly, sarap kabonding. Warning: no pinching allowed. Major patient, starbucks-insomnia! Optimistic, hardworker-SC. Derecho Santugon! Politics, it runs in the family. Epitome of altruism, doctor or business woman in the making. KATH +TENG+KV + MA = the Best Critique. Angel+3-way+grass+KK = WEI. Good morning sunshine+pale+ ATC+3-way = KATIE. Dilemma, high school barkada = Cabuyao Adventure. Visible 4 Forever. Best block - BIO42. Basta Ikaw Lord!!! 

( 2, 3-VP Finance) SC-BC, (1,2) Societas Vitae, (1) CSO, (1) MaFIA, (2) ChemSoc, (2) Outdoor Club, (2) Santugon 


Lellivi Sanchez Carmen 

The girl with a thousand names, lagi kasing nasa-sabotage! Ivy, who is oftentimes mistaken as suplada, is really sensitive and kind. A cow-lover. This statuesque girl, who can shift moods within minutes, is also diligent, practical and smart. She breezes her way through all her courses...Chemistry, Microbiology, Ecology and the like. Never fails to listen when you need her, a good friend indeed! BIO-42's "saint" who'll surely be remembered for her Kodak Moments.

(1,2,3) Societas Vitae (1) Outdoor Club



Candice Fay Lopez Chua 

Cands... never call her Fay! Ms. Rat Queen of Block 42. If there's one thing she loves about basketball, it's Toni Kukoc. Just don't be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Moodiness may take place. Nevertheless, she can really light up your day. BIG TIME! Her charm brings a lot of good vibes around the campus. You can't make a Candy without: 1 cup of talkativeness, 2 cups of friendliness, 1/2 pinch of humor and 10 quarts of her smile a day!

(2,3) ChemSoc, (1) MaFIA, (1) Societas Vitae



Lemuel Juan Quiachion Conanan 

"Na-bo-bored ka na ba at walang maka-usap? Dali at i-dial na ang telepono ni LJ - umaga o gabi." One look at LJ will make you smile (even laugh), he's very funny and hyperactive. The stand-up comedian and executive tomador of Block 42. Si Mr. Cool (Cool-ot), conotic daw dahil may VTEC (Vtecleta). Kidding aside, LJ is a superb friend and a true blue love adviser. Enough reason for him to be remembered by his blockmates with fond memory.

(1,2,3) Societas Vitae



Diana Jara Cruz 

A lady trapped in a little girl's body best describes Dianne. With her around there's never a dull moment. However, she can be serious when necessary and is always ready to lend a listening ear. She has her own special way of making others happy. If there is such a thing as a mature baby, that's Dianne, but don't let that fool you-wait 'til you see her "mowdel"-like walk. Dianne is a living proof that the greatest things come in small packages.




Jennie Ann Bautista De Jesus 

Jen loves to laugh and laugh, funny no?! Will dissect any specimen, but never an earthworm! She has the tendency to be so makulit, a very emotional person lalo na sa love (her favorite topic). But underneath, she's actually strong and you can count on her for sensible and ego-boosting advice. She has filled loopholes in our lives. "Remember Jen, you'll still be our Jennie, our old Jennie and kami pa rin and iyong dating Block 42!"

(1,2,3) Societas Vitae



Glaciel Dichoco Gapasin 

Well-rounded person, LITERALLY. Glaciel or Glydel, for short, is a sentimental person who likes melancholic songs. She excels in her subjects like Botany and other science subjects. Caring and malambing sa kanyang masungit na paraan. Lapagayo girl and likes to eat Nova. With her alluring, seductive eyes that pissed off a lot of person. A car fanatic and a beauty queen in her own way. An outrageous and thoughtful girl who loves to give simple notes to everyone. M4T FOREVER!! 

(1,2,3) Societas Vitae, (3) SC-CAS 



Anna Marie Cabrera Garcia 

Pretty woman walking down the street. Prangka. Isang tunay na kaibigan, laging maasahan. Sobrang galing sa lahat ng aspeto! Founder ng Ayi's S___ Institute. Good adviser. Magaling kumanta, kasi monotonous. Mababaw, nakakatawang tumawa. Asawa ni Agent Fox Mulder. Ex ni Batman. "Dati allowed yun, pero ngayon allowed pa rin" (with facial expression pa yan). Isang tunay na dalaga...hahaha! Nag-uumapaw ang kagandahan ng kalooban. Mamamatay kung hindi mapakinggan ang The Teeth. Crush ang bayan. M4T.

(1,2,3) Societas Vitae, (1,2) Plaridel, (1) MaFIA, (1) Ironworks, (1) Santugon, (3) SC-CAS



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