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April Blogs!
April 30, 2002 :: 10:59am
Well, its my last blog for April! Jeez this years going by fast! God, today must be retard Amy day bcuz its only 11am and I've already done 4 stupid things! I tripped over my dog, poured lemonade into my cereal (I was half awake, leave me alone!), locked myself out of my car and kept my teacher waiting for me while I was waiting for her (its hard to explain that one). Am I really that ditzy? I just need a couple of good dummy slaps and I should be good to go! :D hmmm nothin' much going on today. I'm prolly gunna be updating my visuals (<-- on the left <--) bcuz some of my pictures don't show up like my bahamas and beach house pictures. I'll work on them and make them show up. Then I will...sleep. ok, so bye!

April 29, 2002 :: 12:45pm
My FAMILY PICTURES are finally working! <--click! And I also added pictures of my cousins Jimmy and Junie from the blog below to that picture page so check it out!

April 29, 2002 ::8:20am
3 more days till my birthday! :D Sooo, how was ya'lls weekend? Mine was just spiffy. Me, my bud Steph, my mom and stepdad went camping in Gettysburg, PA this weekend with some other family ppl and it was pretty fun! We got there Friday at around 8 pm and me and Steph just walked around the campground for a while then we went and played putt-putt. Then we started walking back to the camper at midnight and that was some creepy ass shizz! We kept on hearing all these damn noises in the woods and shit! Then on Saturday my Aunt Linda came over and brought my cousins Jimmy (14) and Junie (9) and their new chihuahua/weiner dog Abby. That dog is friggin' cute! I took pictures so I'll put them up as soon as I get them developed. Then Jimmy and Junie both had a baseball game at 12 so me and Steph went with Aunt Linda and the doggie to watch them play. Jimmy's teamed killed at 14-0! woowoo, I must be good luck! :D Then we just went driving around Gettysburg bcuz nobody wanted to go back to the campground. Then blahblahblah, we got ice cream then played putt-putt and it was all bunches of fun. And YAYAYAY I'm super excited bcuz this is the 2nd year that little JunieBug has been in chemotherapy bcuz she had a tumor removed and 2 years ago and Make A Wish is taking her, Jimmy, Aunt Linda and my Uncle Wayne to Disney World in the summer! They get to be chauffured (sp?) in a limo everywhere and go to the front of the line of rides and everything! And then Aunt Linda asked if I wanted to go and of course I was all "OMG yes!" so yay! :D Then Jimmy, Junie and them went home around 8pm. Then Sunday we came home. So that was my weekend. It was funner than it sounds, I'm just tired. lmao! And my sister won 2nd place in her cheerleading competition this weekend at Six Flags. Kudos to you C! Oh yeah, I am so ready to move from Maryland! So far this week 4 tornados have touched down by my house and its scaring the shit out of me! I hate tornados! I'm about to pack up and move to Alaska! heh. Ok, well this is a pretty long blog and I'm sure I'm boring ya so I'm gunna go and update! BYE!

April 26, 2002 ::7:20am
OMG you guys! 'Left Eye' from TLC is dead! She died in a car accident last night in Honduras! R.I.P Lisa. This is crazy! It seems like a lot of celebrities have been dying lately. Its sad. Well, I'm gunna have to go and pack bcuz we're gunna be leaving to go camping soon so bye and check out all my new updates! :D There should be more on the way too. I'M NOT DONE YET PPL! :D hehehe...

April 25, 2002 ::1:11pm
heh. new layouts done! :D

April 25, 2002 ::11:15am
Howdy! Well, I finally got some updates! woowoo! I added 5 new pics of my car (the inside) and I added a cute little 'link me' button (on the left column) so use it! ITS CUTE! Sorry if the pics of my car arn't that good bcuz tardass Amy forgot to switch on the button thats supposed to make the pictures clearer on her camera. Hopefully I can get more film soon and take better pictures. And I'm finally making a NEW LAYOUT! ::claps:: I'm really getting sick of all this orange. blegh. And I'm also trying to fix up and update all my content too. So I have loads to do today. ewww you guys! Its raining outside. How crappy. >:| And I had to drive in this shitty rain to bcuz I had tutoring this morning at 8! I hate driving in the rain! Theres a lot more MOFO's on the road then. Well, I'm gunna go and work on these update! BYE! Oh, and I might not update tomorrow bcuz me, my mom, stepdad, bud Stephie and dog (heh) are going camping HERE this weekend in my camper and I don't know if I'll be able to get on tomorrow. So if I don't get on have a good weekend!

April 24, 2002 :: 8:55am
8 MORE DAYS TILL MY BIRTHDAY! woowoowoo! yap yap, blah blah, dribble dribble dribble...

April 23, 2002 :: 12:19pm
Boy howdy is it cold outside! Its just a bit nipply! lol Steph! Today I went to school for an hour for tutoring and the weirdest thing happened to me! Well, after tutoring was over I was driving out of the school parking lot and I made a right turn onto the street and my left baskseat passenger door just flung wide open when I made the right and slammed shut again after I finished the turn! I screamed "WHAT THE FUCK!" and had to pull over to check it out! Thank God nobody was next to me or my door would have hit them! The weird thing about it was before I went into school for tutoring I made sure all my doors were LOCKED bcuz...heh...its Laurel. So how could that door come unlocked? And I checked and made sure all my stuff was still in my car & evrything was still in there so nobody could have gotton into it or they would have taken my stuff! I had cds and a cd player, money and stuffed animals in there. Weird, huh? Well, May 3rd [the day after my birthday ::wink wink::] I have to go get a sonogram (the thing pregnant women get) done to see why my spleen is so enlarged! ewww! And now the quacks put me on some new pill that has CATNIP in it! Yes ladies and germs, CATNIP! These damn doctors and all their medical shizz can go fist themselves! argg! Hehe, I sound like a pirate! ;] Well, I guess I better go bcuz I have to clean my room (funfunfun) and then I'm gunna have a Ed, Edd and Eddy-athon! That is like the best cartoon ever made! Well, its up there with Spongebob! >Edd (better known as 'Double D) is so freakin' SEXY! ::sigh:: hehehee...and I added handwriting to visuals on the left column. Back to Double D...

April 22, 2002 :: 2:25pm

Its official, I'm addicted to Lucky Charms! :D Ok, me n' my doggie is off on a roadtrip! Talk to ya'll tomorrow! ::kisses::!

April 22, 2002 :: 8:06am
YAY! I'm sooo happy! Frankie Muniz's (aka my HUSBAND!) new movie 'Dueces Wild' comes out May 3rd, THE DAY AFTER MY BIRTHDAY! :D Happeee birfday to meeee! heh. Sorry ppl. He's just my really BIG obsession! muahahahaha! Guess what? All the 'fake populars' are finally confessing now! Well, some of them. Here are the ones that confessed this weekend : Loser #1, Loser #2, Loser #3, and Loser #4! Their dropping like flies! :D Anyhoo, how was everybody's weekend? Mine was...weird. Well, friday we had a fucking TORNADO WARNING! That was some scary shizz! I hate tornados...but then on Saturday I went tanning again and now I regret it bcuz I look like a LOBSTER! Well, it not as bad as it was but I'm still sore. Tanning beds are evil I tell ya! EVIL! but I'm still gunna go to them. I need my tan! ::crazy Amy:: And then after that I drove over to Steph's house. Then me and Steph went over to Seth's house and him, Patrick and Aaron were watching "Fast and Furious" <333! so we finished watching it with them then we got usual. So we decided to go to Subley to play basketball. That was some fun shizz I tell ya! It was Seth and Pat on a team and Aaron was by himself bcuz he's soooo "macho". ah huh. But Aaron was in the lead so me and Steph decided to 'get in the way' to mess him up. It was so funny bcuz when he would dribble the ball we would kick it or something. He was getting all pissed but he loves us so he was laughing too. Lomg story short, Seth and Pat won, I wonder why...hmmm? hehe! ;D Then we all went to Baskin Robbins to get smoothies. yummy! Then we all just rode around Laurel just for a mini roadtrip. Theres nothing else to do in this candyass town! Then Seth was like, "Amy, give me your cellphone." So I gave it to him and the little fruit started making prank phone call on his friends! NERD! Yeah, so then we went back to Steph house and just chilled for a while. Then I went home at like 11pm bcuz my head was hurting. Then Sunday I slept in to like 2 in the afternoon! That was great. Anyway, thats how my weekend went. I have no idea why I told you all that, I guess its just out of love! hehe! Well, I'm gunna go now and take my little shower bcuz I have to take my doggie to the vets. yay. fun stuff, huh? Well, BYE!

April 20, 2002 :: 8:01am
Good morning ppl of the net! :D Holy heffalumps I need to get out of the house today! Its only 8 in the friggin' morning and my stepdad is ALREADY singing and dancing with the damn dog! crazy, crazy & my mom worry about my stepdad at times! heh. But that deed will be done, I actually have a lot of things to see and ppl to do today! ;D I have to pick up Steph to go tanning, my mom is taking me shopping for some summery clothes (I'm not gunna spend my money on that!), I'm gunna drive to my dad's house to see my sister's cheerleading competition, I have to go pick out a present for Sara's bday on Monday and the carnival in B-ville is here tonite! :D Me, Steph, Crystal, Toya, Seth, Ryan and CJ are supposed to go to that tonite. I might do some of the stuff on my TO DO list to knock it off but I don't know. Oh well. OMG! Did you know that nsync plays their very last concert this Sunday night! Thats what I heard. Their all talking about on 99.5. Oh well. Anyhoo, I have to get going , k? And this might be my last time on the net this weekend. Talk to ya'll Monday! Amy's birthday count :: 12 MORE DAYS! ::wink wink::

April 19, 2002 :: 11:45am
Well you guys, I did it! I finally moved off of expage! ahhh! I'm sosososo excited! woowoo. You have no idea how happy that makes me! :D:D:D:D yeah, I know, its looks like crap right now but I'm workin' on it! But the only thing I have to say for this layout is orange! I have to get off all this orange WAY soon. Its starting to get on my nerves. oh well. Just to let you know I now have my tagboard right on this page instead od my content page. Its on the scrolly box over there --> on the right. And kudos to Cami for moving to her domain! I luff ya gurl! well, this is gunna look prety empty untill I start blogging more but remember, I'm just getting started on it!<3<3