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~Women's Rights Timeline~


by Alyssa Exler

NSL B, period 3

Women’s rights have always been a big issue in the United States. But starting around the time period of 1960, the movement became more liberal as women actually did gain more rights than ever before. This movement is still active, but if you look back from 1960, all the advancements are apparent over these past 40 years.

I think that there have been some extreme advancements and some people that were very important to this movement. I personally, support Women's Rights in a non-sexist way. I believe that women should be given equal rights as men, not that women should be bashing men only on account that they are male. I believe that these events that I picked demonstrate my beliefs, and who knows where we would be in this society if these events hadn't occurred.


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1961~ President John F. Kennedy establishes the President's Commission on the Status of Women

1963~ Betty Friedman publishes The Feminine Mystique

1963 ~ Congress passes the Equal Pay Act

1966~ National Organization for Women is Established

1968~ Shirley Chisholm (D-NY) is first Black woman elected to the US Congress

1975~ The first women's bank opens

1981~ National Women's History Week is declared

1984~ Geraldine Ferraro is the first woman vice-presidential candidate of a major political party

1986 The Supreme Court declares sexual harassment is a form of illegal job discrimination

1997~ Equal Numbers in College Programs