Happy New Year! 2003

Reads: COMMUNIST LOVECHILD (if you can't see it)... This should be our CD cover!! LOL

Me and Emily

Random picture of me

Liz! We told you where you're supposed to put condoms, but I guess you weren't paying attention (it's that little ADD thing huh?)

Artist = Jack

Emily, Megan, and Sarah

This is the stuff, baby.... the Welch's stuff.... Nice advertising, Dani

Makeover time!

Me... before

Me...after... I think I looked better before....

Jack and Sarah... the CUTEST couple eva eva eva!! <3 <3

L 2 da Izzo and S 2 da Arah (aka Liz and Sarah)

Jack and Liz... (Theme song= "A Moment like This" ... lol just kidding)

Pizza and cheesy poof...before blizzard

Pizza and cheesy poof....after blizzard

Megan and funny looking Jack

Liz, Me, and Sarah

She didn't know we took this

haha... thugs in pre engineering

my car...black bug w/ beige leather (YES LEATHER) interior

Megan and Me...twins!

Liz, Megan, and Me... 4th of July at CCT

What a fun day at the ropes course...not

Homecoming 2001 (none of us went in '02...lol)

D Hall crew


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