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Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley

Stephanie McMahon

The real life daughter of WWF owner Vince McMahon has followed her dad into the world of Sports Entertainment. She worked for Titan as a New York account executive. Originally just a pretty face in the background, the WWF took notice of the fans immediate attraction to this beautiful girl next door-type. She began to show up more and more, and then entered an angle with Andrew (Test) Martin. A relationship began to flourish between the two sending Test and Stephanie's brother, Shane McMahon into a feud. Test & Stephanie got "engaged" on August 26th 1999 and set the wedding for a Raw Is War in October.... On Smackdown Sept 9th Terri and the Mean Street Posse tried to attack Test but were sent back by Shane. This set up a face turn for Shane.

Due to an accident involving the British Bulldog, the "marriage" between Test and Steph was put on hold as Stephanie suffered from a short spell of amnesia and took a while just to remember who Test was. Come late November, Stephanie regained her memory and the wedding was back on. Due to an evil trick by HHH, Stephanie married the leader of DX. And in an (un)expected twist, Stephanie turned on her dad and Test and joined DX. With the heartbreak of Stephanie turning against Vince both he and Shane disappeared from TV for a while. The new Hemsley-McMahon era reigned in the WWF at the end of the millennium to reak havoc towards everyone against them. The new "evil" Stephanie looks great as the good girl next door gone bad. Stephanie took out her mother Linda prior to Wrestlemania 2000 when she walloped her on Smackdown Vince and Shane eventually returned, but eventually joined up with Stephanie and Triple H at Wrestlemania.

Intelligent, beautiful and enterprising… these three words sum up Stephanie McMahon perfectly. Unfortunately for her family – and the rest of the Federation roster – the youngest McMahon chose to use these assets for her own advantage. Stunning the world at Armageddon, Stephanie turned on her father and sided with Triple H! Now married to "The Game," Stephanie and Triple H have lead the World Wrestling Federation into the new millennium with the McMahon-Helmsley era, and it will never be the same again!(WWF.COM)

The night after Wrestlemania 15, (March 29, 1999) we got out first glimpse of Stephanie McMahon. She was backstage with her dad and company. Earlier in the night, Steve Austin said he wanted back his personal belt instead of the WWF belt. He told Vince he had two hours of his @ss was going to get beat. He tells Stephanie to call home and get the belt sent to the arena.

A little later The Undertaker comes out and goes after Sable!! He calls out McMahon. "McMahon, I got your precious little Meal Ticket and I can snap her neck if I want to!" McMahon comes to the ramp. "What kind of man are you?" Then he runs in the back and says STEPHANIE!! We see him running in the back yelling STEPHANIE!! We see people laying around all beat up in the hallway and the door where Stephanie was is open. Stephanie is gone! Vince almost killed Shane because he was supposed to watch her. Shane says he's sorry and looks to be wiping tears. A little later, McMahon backstage. Shane is still sorry. Phone rings. Hello. It's Undertaker, "She really is sugar and spice and everything nice... HAHAHAHA!"

Backstage we find Shamrock giving Vince his solemn oath that "If Stephanie is in this building, I will find her, and I will bring her back to you." Shamrock is running around the arena looking for Stephanie.

The Brood comes out and gives Ken Shamrock a bloodbath after his victory over Gangrel. Before they can run off Shamrock slaps an ankle lock on Christian and Christian spills the beans. Stephanie is in the basement!! Shamrock now all bloody is in the basement looking for Stephanie!

Shamrock finds Stephanie, she has the mark of the Undertaker on her head! She's crying and scared. The gentle giant Shamrock comforts her and picks her up. Vince is backstage hugging his daughter. Calling the ministry BASTARDS! He deserves a damn Emmy! Vince is rubbing Stephanie's head. Vince is thanking everybody for bringing her back. And that's how Stephanie's first appearance in the WWF, what a horrific night, but at least then, all the suffering was over.

The next time we would see Stephanie McMahon would be at the 4/4/99 Sunday Night Heat. Jerry Lawler did an interview with Vince and Stephanie and discussed what had happened with her kidnapping of The Ministry.

Jerry: asked Steph "what really happened to her Monday."

Steph: "I really can't remember."

Vince:The letter I received from the Undertaker was alot of personal stuff about

Steph. The teddy bear was Stephanie's, and it was given to her when she was a little kid.

Lawler: "how long have you known the Undertaker?"

Vince: "I known him for a long time, but he has changed alot."

They were talking about the situation for a little longer. At the end of the interview:

Vince: "If this doesn't stop soon, then somebody is gonna get hurt.

On the January 10th edition of Raw, having made sure that Mick Foley was fired from the WWF a few weeks before, Stephanie and Triple H had to reinstate him after The Rock started this week's show off by telling them that the entire roster was prepared to leave the company and join the WRF - World Rock Federation - if they did not reinstate Mick Foley. Seeing the whole stable of wrestler's standing at ringside with The Rock Triple H and Stephanie quickly discussed the matter and obliged. Speaking of obliging, Stephanie obliged to those "slut" chants from the audience. Her skirt was really really short, and well, it was just a bit "too much".

At the Royal Rumble, Stephanie escorted Triple H to ringside and returning backstage, Stephanie did not return until almost the end of the deadly street fight match between Cactus Jack and her beloved husband. With Cactus Jack bringing out everything from a 2-by-4 wrapped in barb wire to a thousand thumb tacks, Triple H won the championship match, but barely.

Cactus Jack made his way to the ring to discuss the Royal Rumble. After saying that he and Triple H put on one of the greatest matches in recent memory, Cactus said the difference between the two of them last Sunday was that after the match Triple H looked like he had "survived a war," whereas Cactus looked like he was having a good time! Wanting to give Baltimore a good time, Cactus Jack called out the champ to get it on again – and Triple H’s music hit! But it was Stephanie who came walking out. She came decked out in a skyblue turtleneck and well, by the looks of things, her breasts seem to have inflated signficantly within the past few weeks.

After the two traded insults, Stephanie slapped Cactus right across the face! Saying he had to fight the urge not to hit her back, Cactus asked her to play "Slap me again and find out what happens." Wisely, Stephanie left before she could take the chance although I would have liked to have seen what Cactus would have done to her. Perhaps chug her against her bloated chest which would knock her on her chunky @$$. Stuff Socko in that replusive face of hers? Sure Stephanie has a pretty face, but her facial reactions look really nasty and awkward. Especially when she's angry. Nonetheless, she's the best at facial reactions, it's like reading a storybook.

Come Febuary rumors ran that Triple H's real-life girlfriend, Chyna had grow uncomfortable with the continuing Stephanie McMahon - Hunter Hearst Helmsley storyline. They've been together for years, but Chyna was reportedly a bit miffed when Triple H and Stephanie stayed in character during the opening of WWF New York a few weeks ago and spent the entire night there together.

On WrestleTalk America it was reported that Chyna and HHH were definitely not very comfortable with each other as of right now. The reason for this is that Chyna is upset with the kissing and sexual actions that are going on between Stephanie and HHH. She understands it's an angle, but she is still upset. The angle was supposed end at WrestleMania, but it was just too hot, it couldn't.

On the Febuary 27th Raw, the night after Now Way Out in which Triple H successfully defeated Mick Foley in his last ever match, (at least it was supposed to be) Triple H came out to pay his newfound respect towards Mick. A somber Triple H told the capacity crowd in New York that he has now learned to respect Mick Foley, especially after the Hell in a Cell Match at No Way Out. As a sign of respect for Foley, Triple H put together a tribute package, which aired on the TitanTron. Just when everybody in attendance thought Triple H had a heart, the tribute package turned into a typical DX package - poking fun at the now retired Mick Foley. What they did was show Mick Foley in his most embarassing and humiliating moments. Soon thereafter, the Game and Stephanie hugged in celebration. However, not long into their celebration Shane McMahon and TheBig Show hit the ring to interrupt. Shane explained that he was not going to sit by while his sister ran the Federation, which is why he has aligned himself with Big Show.

The next week, Raw Is Waw kicked off from Springfield, Mass. with Shane McMahon and Big Show speaking to the crowd about last Thursday's SmackDown! Shane expressed distaste for Triple H hitting him with a chair. He then accused the Game of brainwashing his sister Stephanie, and blamed him for her slut-like appearance and actions. Quite frankly, I can't blame him, Stephanie is really behaving like a b*tch and her appearance has been looking really trashy-looking as of late. Triple H and Stephanie quickly came to ringside to rebut Shane's comments. An upset Stephanie booked Big Show in the first match of the evening against Kane. She then turned and slapped her brother, Shane for saying those nasty things about her like calling her a "slut".

On the March 13th edition of Raw Is War, some thing drastic happened, Vince returned!!!!!!! In the final match of the evening, The Rock put his career on the line for a shot at the main event at WrestleMania as he tangled with the Big Show. Before the match got underway, Shane McMahon came out and ordered referee Earl Hebner back to the locker room; Shane named himself the special referee. When Shane was inadvertently knocked out of the ring, The Rock delivered a spinebuster and a People's Elbow, but there was no referee. Hebner ran from the back, but Shane pulled him out of the ring and pummeled him. Shane climbed back in the ring and clobbered The Rock with a steel chair - just as he had at No Way Out - and The Rock's chances appeared to be doomed. All of a sudden a limousine pulled up in the backstage area and Vince McMahon jumped out! Seeing Vince arrive on the monitor, Triple H went after him, but Vince clocked him out with a roundhouse right to the chin! Then Vince went out to the ring and did the same thing to his son! Vince followed up by nailing Shane with a chair, and then he stripped the referee shirt off Shane's back and put it on himself. The Rock delivered the Rock Bottom, pinned the Show, and new referee Vince administered the three count! Rock Wins!!!

On the follow up Smackdown (March 16, 2000), Vince came out to explain his actions on Raw. A bit later in the interview, Vince said that Stephanie had a lot in common with The Godfather. Stephanie immediatly dropped her jaw and was looking curious as to what her father had to say. He ecstaticly blurted out that Stephanie should join the Hooooooooooooooooo Train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The facial reactions on Stephanie were priceless!! Stephanie was shocked as to what her father thought about her. She began making these wickedly ugly faces in response to that and Vince left to loud ovation from the crowd.

Just a bit later in the show, in a match ordered by Vince , the Godfather took on Triple H in a non-title match. Even Godfather managed to poke a little fun at Stephanie. He said that Stephanie could be on the Ho Train -- but she'd make up the caboose. With a an enormous ass like hers I understand where he's going for thinking that. Midway through the match, Shane and the Big Show appeared. While the referee tried to separate Shane and Stephanie, Triple H and the Big Show tangled outside the ring. The Show picked up the "Game" and rammed his spine into the steel ringpost. The Godfather quickly pinned Triple H and scored a huge upset victory!! Stephanie started looking sweaty and really red. She then appeared to start bursting into tears out of frustration, but managed to hold them.