Random Stuff

Ok guys, since not much happens with Wakefield all the time, we thought we would keep you up on what happens with us. On this page we will keep you up on all the stuff we do on a weekly basis cuz we're cool like that.

Pictures of Cassie dying Erin's hair.

Nice Face!! Trust me I look a lot better usually :)

Kind of a random shot here but doesn't Cassie look good in curlers?!?!

My hair was very blonde after that, but it looks good.

These were taken at Rockin' The Field on June 9th.

This is Jason from Item 16, his band was hosting the show.

This is me and Jason, he's so cute!(and he kinda looks like Benji)

This is Rach and Gilly, I luv ya girls!!!

These pictures are from the Side Bar on July 25th of Mest. They played with Wakefield that night and I wanted to put the pictures of them up and this was the best spot for them.

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Wakefield fans rawk cause we don't steal other people's stuff, so please don't give us a bad name! At least ask before you steal stuff, and if we say no then you can take it, at least knowing that you tried to be nice.