The official Wakefield site
Check out The Wakefield Girls site, it's really good!
The Wakefield Skanks totally kick ass!
Miss U: A Wakefield Fan Page
Wakefield Guys
The Wakefield Girls Official Yahoo! Club
The PowerPunk Girls a.k.a. The PPG*s

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Other Bands (and other pages we like)

The official Good Charlotte website
The official website of Funkstarr Records, home of Jepetto and many other kick ass bands.
The official Jimmie's Chicken Shack page
The official Mest website
The official MXPX website
The official website of New Found Glory
Equal Vision Records. Check out The Stryder and the other awesome bands on this label.
The Official Sidewalk Heroes Site
The Official Home Grown Site
The Official OPM Site
The Official NoFX Site
The Official Sum41 Site
The Official Weezer Site
The BEST (in my opinion) page for links to bands. Almost anyone you're looking for is on there, including some local bands.
The Only site you'll ever need for tabs, both bass and guitar. They have a ton on here, and it's updated every couple of days.
The Official Manifest Site
Manifest Girls Of PA (Erin's other site)
Manifest Dorks

If you have a band you'd like to see on this list or just a cool page, send us the website and we'll check it out and put them up!

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