*Dedicated to Mark*

This page is dedicated to Mark, the original Wakefield drummer.
We love you and miss you Mark and we wish you the best of Luck.
~*~Erin and Cassie~*~

This page isn't going to be updated at all really. It's just a tribute to Marky Mark and to remember the good times that were had with him and W*F.

Mark News!!!!

Well on July 14, Mark posted on the Wakefield Board with some shocking news. For anyone who doesn't know what happened here is the post:
"Hey everyone..  this is mark here and i just wanted to tell everyone about a few decisions ive recently made..  i have joined the army national guard and signed up to serve for 6 years.  I wont leave for boot camp until May comes around but i will probably be attending college this year and will have to start basic training and stuff..  so in order to do all this now i had to make a temporary sacrifice which is to quit playing in a band right now.. as much as it hurts, as much as i love playing drums for all of you people, i have to let it go..for now..    i am posting on here to wish everyone in wakefield and second string the best of luck and i love you guys, even though i dont think alot of people can get to this page..  ok well just ot let you know... i will always support wakefield and secondstring and will never forget the amazing memories retrieved from the experiences in performing and just being with the guys..   lots of love and never forget me..     -Mark "

Check out the Yahoo Club We Love Markie Mark. It's full of fans of Mark, there are alot of good pictures on there too. So check it out.

Mark's Bio


Picture taken March 3, 2001 @ The Hyperlight

Taken March 10, 2001 @ Woods. Ok Dustin came and stuck his head between me and Mark and it was really funny. So that is why I look a little funny :)

Some of these pictures have little bits of the other guys in them, but the main focus is on Mark.

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