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good lord its been a long time since i've updated this site. ahh, i definitely need to take out some of this "dis, ish, aiite, ieeee" stuff, its driving me crazy. hahahaha. enjoy guys *muah* :-*

hey, sup all~~ welcome to my page. hope u like it, even tho its *UNDER CONSTRUCTION*!!! (i got the pictures link workin... be PROUD 'o me!!!!) well come back sometime l8rz to check it out, cuz dat's when it ain't gonna be *under construction* no more.

but for now, i wanna gib a lil luv to alla my friends and family, and alla u peeps out dere who r reading dis rite now, even if i dun kno u. lyl u guyz, and for my parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc., aincha proud, eh? hehe j/k!!!!

so i hope u enjoy da page, cuz it wuz meant to be for alla u! lyl~~, sherri

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so here's a liddle 411 on me, all that you are possibly gonna find out about me~~ if u wanna kno more just ask and i just might tell u...

  • NAME: sherri
  • NICKNAME: syggie, sher, sherri berri, sherbear, cripple, crips (haha, thanks guys), "the girl with(out?!) the crutches"
  • AGE: 15, but if u ask either of my parents, they'll get this weird look on their faces, wrinkle their brow, and be like "twelve... i think...."
  • BIRTHDAY: March 2, 1987 (wow im so special)
  • SIGN: *~~pisces~~* (thus the email pisces_sweetie.... smartness)
  • SEX: female
  • STATUS: single (hoohhh boy its been awhile)
  • HEIGHT: 5'2" and then some. maaaaan im going to be this height for life arent i? *ppffft*.
  • WEIGHT: ain't tellin u, none of ur business!
  • LOC: near the capital, :-D
  • ETHNICITY/RACE: azn to the bone
  • FAV. COLOR: blue
  • FAV. SONG: here is gone, goo goo dolls
  • FAV. MOVIE: keeping the faith. i love ben stiller, he's the greatest
  • LANGUAGES: chinese, sum french (imma not too great at it, ask mai french teacher!), english, sign language (haha universal sign language, rite?) that's really about it...
  • SKOOL: mbhs, uh yeah.
  • FRIENDS: can i take this part out now?
  • HOBBIES: ping pong, voice/singing, guitar, piano (haha not anymore, sadly), dancing, reading, writing, PHONE.... etc.